TRACK Plastics 4-Sale

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  1. I have a set of stock 05' GSXR plastics that I converted to track plastics...

    Use these on the track and keep the stockers nice and shiny!!!!

    The headlight hole has been filled, sanded, and formed into one piece with the rest of the nose.

    The tail section has also been molded into one piece as well.

    I went down @ Portland last year and rashed 'em up, but they still pass tech and can be used as is if you aren't up for sanding them down.

    The nose has a piece taken out of it, but holds up, nothing a little fiberglass won't fix.

    $150.00 OBO Takes 'em all; Nose, left side, right side, and the tail.
    The rubber grommets for your fairing bolts will come with as well.





  2. Btt...

  3. 600, 750 or 1000

  4. Correct. :mrgreen:

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