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  1. Yallo! Just a friendly reminder that Track Days are starting. Monday Apr 23rd is the first MotoCorsa trackday... I'll be there giving moral support since my Monster is still being built!!

    I wanted to include the graphic image but as it turns out I made a no-no in forum rules doing so. (Sorry mods!) So make sure you click the above link for more info if you're interested.

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    Thanks for the Post!
  3. Would this be good track day for a novice track day rider?
  4. They have a very good program for novice riders.
  5. If someone just wants to watch and see what track day's about this Monday, any suggestions on what session(s) or time(s) to go?
  6. MotoCorsa runs a C group for novice riders specifically. :) It's a great place to start.

    Just show up any time- earlier in the day is better and try not to come during lunch just because there isn't anything going on. They run different groups in rotation

    - MotoCorsa Track days begin at 7:30 AM for Tech Inspection, followed by the mandatory Rider's Meeting at 8:30am.
    - 20 minute sessions run from 9am to 4pm (5pm when available).
    - lunch usually between 12-1p (i'm guessing... tried to confirm but our trackday person is away)
  7. Thanks!
  8. So I'm thinking l might do the may 11th one, it's close to ma birfday.
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