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Traffic Question - SEA-->PDX

Discussion in 'Westside' started by griffmeister, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Travelling from Seattle to Portland tomorrow and am wondering at approx what time does traffic on I5 S slow to a crawl on typical Fridays?

    Shooting to leave around 3, is that early enough?

    Input appreciated :secret:
  2. I would try to leave by 2pm. Traffic at the Fife curves & south of Tacoma thru Ft Lewis will probably be backed up by 3-4.

    Olympia at the Hwy 101 turnoff can also cause slowdowns.

    The rest of the way you should be fine since when you get to Portland you will be doing the reverse commute.

  3. I've made this trip several times. If you leave at might make it through. After that it will be balls through Tacoma and Olympia.

    Last Saturday I left around 2:00 and was in slow traffic for about 35 minutes past JBLM.

    Once you get past Olympia its usually pretty clear until you hit Portland. Most of the construction projects are/were cleared up when I rode through last weekend.

    *If you can leave earlier, I advise it*
  4. Taking 405 south after 2 (even then its a chance), will probably get you stuck in a crawl until Olympia. I'd suggest leaving around noon to 1.
  5. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    This. Friday traffic (especially when sunny) sucks.
  6. I agree with Chrishil54. Having made this same trip many times, I refuse to leave Seattle after 1pm on a Friday. Any other day of the week, I'll leave as late as 2 (maaaaaaybe 2:30), but the idea is to be south of Olympia by 3pm. Fridays suck for traffic through Federal Way/Tacoma/Lakewood/Olympia. Leave as early as possible.
  7. agreeing with everyone else. sunny fridays it seems like people leave work around 1:30 or 2 and traffic crawls everywhere from that point on. you definitely want to pass olympia before 3 pm. then you'll be fine.
  8. Leave before 3 if you can early and use Hwy 167 south to hwy 512 to I-5. That will put you back on I-5 just north of JBLM and avoid a lot of the traffic between Southcenter and JBLM.
  9. Since it'll likely take 2 hours to get to Olympia anyway, enjoy yourslef by taking a ferry over to bremerton from downtown and then ride to sitting on the highway inhaling nasty fumes...
  10. Thanks for the input. Screw it, leaving early!
  11. Smart move.
  12. If you haven't left already, bring 2 bottles of water and a couple powerbars....and maybe a crowbar.

    ....actually, if you haven't left yet, just go to the bar...
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