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trail braking

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by anthonycbr, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. so trail braking is something ive heard about for a long time now and am curious to know exactly what it is and when it is to be used is this something that is used on all types of corners or is it reserved for certain situations. thanks in advance for any help and your opinions and im also wondering what are some good books out there that talk about track riding

  2. It's the second most popular way to highside.
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  6. :scratchea
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    an excellent example why this makes total sense.

  8. I like to take breaks and eat trail mix. :popcorn:
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  9. Personal preference. All pro's do it, but we aren't all pros. After attending the Yamaha School, I am a firm believer in it, but my opinion is just that.

    Nick Ienatsch's book "Sport Riding Techniques" was much easier for me to follow and apply than the Code series.
  10. Trail braking is essential. I also prefer Ienatsch's explanations to Code's.

  11. This last quote makes so much more sense after reading the first two.
  12. It's a cornering technique. Next time you're on High Bridge and you're coming into a corner too hot, wait till just before the apex, and them hammer your back brake. I know it sounds a bit off, but you'll understand the first time you try it. Everything will be illuminated..
  13. But you'te telling me this on a web forum, so should I listen to you or not? I mean you are telling me this on a web forum, which you told me not to listen to anyone on. If I do listen to you, I'm not following your advice, but if I don't listen to you I'm not following your advice because I won't read the books.

    Head assplode
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    Read Ienatsch. Or go to a couple shops like ESMS or Bellevue Kawi. At least a couple guys working at each that can give you very good advice on all things track-day.

    Trail-braking is no mystery, it's not that hard. Just like anything else at the track: Start easy, work up to greater and later braking. After a couple track days, if you have a good sense of your traction limits and what those limits feel like . . . you may be braking right up to the point where you're rolling on the throttle to exit.

    That doesn't mean you'll be at your traction limits; you can ride at 80% and still practice late braking and deep trail-braking.
  15. OK H8ers, I was being cheeky. I'm not a racer and tend to crash or at least :scared when it try to act like one, It looks like I have some learning to do about this subject. I have asked guys in the know and they have all told me it's not anything that you should use on the street. I thought it was like downhsifting or rear brake applications in corner transitions (essentially an understated version of backing it in, when done even by the best of riders the bike pops up and in the best case scenario, you start your roll on, if you have traction control, the bike powers up and pulls the weight off the front tire up causing some tank slapper action as you pop up and transition over for the next turn. I've noticed inline 4's are more suceptible to this than the V-twins, they are alot smoother in that regard. I suppose the error could result in lowside as easily as highside in tha particular scenaro, but it looks to me like the chassis becomes unsettled and pops up when noobs like me try it.
  16. ^^^If these guys in the know have told you it's not anything you should use on the street, better find some more knowledgeable guys.
  17. I know what I'm talking about, I own a GXSR.
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