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Trail first aid kit

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by nemisis714, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, thinking of making a first aid kit to put into a pelican case so that it stays dry even if it is raining outside... What kinds of things do you bring with your for first aid supplies when you are riding in the dirt?

    Thinking of putting it in one of these:
  2. I don't carry any med supplies. Water and a very minimal toolkit is all I carry.

  3. After my last spill, I am determined to bring something to administer first aid to anyone on the trail. Be prepared.
  4. Duct tape, zip ties, paper towels and a pint of Tequila is all ya need hehe. But have a med kit at camp ;)
  5. Not vodka? :mrgreen:
  6. I was also looking at the Pelicans, but instead got a MTM Spud6 from Cheaper than dirt dot com for less than 1/3rd the cost. Waterproof too.

    I do carry some basics for first aid. Very long wire ties make a great sling!

    Always be prepared!

    Spud6 on the back of KLR.
  7. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    Here is mine.


    this is what goes in it.


    Also, a good knowledge of first aid is very important.
  8. I have the knowledge of first aid, and more specifically, wilderness first aid.

    I think I will try to model mine after yours, except add duct tape... Is there a list online of what's in your kit?
  9. I'd carry something smaller, honestly. I like your setup Grant, it's well thought out. The only changes i'd make would be..

    -Smaller, around the size of a fanny pack.
    -Add one of those small, compressed thermal blankets. You know, the ones that look like tin foil. Great way to keep someone warm, and help keep them from going into shock. Big 5 usually has them. (I always carry one in my first aid kit when I hunt)
    -A referree whistle. Great way to call for help without using a lot of energy.
    -3 or 4 maxi pads. Seriously. They're fantastic bandages, and easier to use than 4x4s. They're packaged in waterproof containers too. Just try and get the generic ones that are unscented. 8) (tampons are great for bullet wounds, FWIW)
    -About 20 feet of paracord or poly twill rope. Great for making slings, or improvising a shelter if you get stuck in the woods with an injured person.
    -Duct tape is a great idea too, but a whole roll is going to take up a lot of space. Is there a smaller option?
    -Small first aid manual.

    Taking a first aid class is a hell of an investment too, and is a useful skill for more than dirtbike riding. What if you come across a nasty car wreck? What are you going to do?
  10. Don't forget condoms. You never know.... And 6" of #8 copper wire. Tweakers think it's gold, you can throw it on the trail to divert their attention
  11. Used to have a tough gauze wrap called Gause Tex. Can't find it anymore, closest seems to be:

    I carry first aid stuff in every vehicle, but no hypodermics. Fergot about the whistle, gonna have to pick some up.

    Galls and Quartermaster are good places to look, if you can't find it at cheaper than dirt or my patriot supply. Fred Meyer has a good selection, also.
  12. After my last accident, I realized that I should probably carry a first aid kit. I thought about this happening again or coming across someone alone in a worse condition.
    For those who dont remember: (ps: it was a centimeter deep and through the fat in the leg)
  13. Rub some dirt on it.
  14. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    same type of incident made me kickstart my FAK building and a first aid class was taken next weekend.
  15. Don't bother packing bottles with fluid, they leak/will break. Here's what I'll be putting in mine (I've got one for my car):

    1) Multi-tool

    2) Gauze wraps (can use it for wrapping cuts or fold it over for s band-aid)

    2) Surgical tape (don't get the waterproof stuff, it sucks)

    3) Alcohol wipes

    3) antibiotic cream

    4) Para-cord

    5) Glow sticks

    6) Flash-light with strobe option (I've got one with a magnet so I can stick it to the bike/car)

    If you want to be really fancy, pack yourself some liquid bandaid spray and use that instead of gauze wrap.
  16. I swear we should have a first aid kit list stickied here for people who want inspiration for their own kit.
  17. I've got a pretty decent kit inside my bike's "hump".

    Cervical collar
    SAM splint
    Kerlix gauze roll

    Now to add some 550 cord! I love that stuff!!!
  18. Nope.. Tequila silly hehe.

    +1 to the Cervical collar :mfclap:

    Oh and Paint stir sticks work well for quick splints on broken bones ;)
  19. Not sticks in the forest??