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Tries to kill Bikers

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by BrandonBZ, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Not sure if this video is a re-post but the real reason is for information on other videos. My favorite is when the updates come through( arrest, jail time, ect).

    So you guys should post your favorite videos that have updates that you've found about if the drivers got away with it or got what they deserved or other.

    Back to the Vid looks like a Crown Victoria LTD.
  2. So what happened, it looked like in the end I saw police light reflecting off a dude's helmet. Did he get popped?

  3. News story on how this ended up?
  4. Haha this is the first I have seen of this video. So I was hoping someone knew more than me. It just got posted maybe it just happened.

    Looks like the person finally pulled over for the police lights but the motorcyclists block him in too so he doesn't try to run.

    Thats what it looked like to me.
  5. Bunch of stupid squids and an asshole in a car?
    What would you expect?
    Although the car hitting the one bike is assault with a deadly weapon. A car can be considered a deadly weapon.

    IDK, just a whole lota morons.
  6. Repost....he got arested use google people
  7. That is what happens when idiots run into even bigger idiots.

    Of course the guy in the car shouldn't have swerved at them. It looked to me like a bunch of idiots getting too close to a car and then the car goes on a rampage. There was plenty of time for the bikes to leave the car and not play chicken with a 4000 lb hunk of shit.

    When I see people do crazy shit like this, the best option is to create distance from the crazy. Car vs motorcycle, car wins every time. If someone is willing to swerve a car at a motorcycle, what else are they willing to do? Do they have a gun in the car? Do they feel threatened? It doesn't matter who is in the right when bullets start flying. Check your ego and let them go be crazy somewhere else.

  8. Agreed on Checking the Ego

    Disagree on Hunk of Shit, 1985 Crown Vic was my first car:mrgreen:
  9. Juilin

    Juilin Captain Pubic

    They're all idiots, if the driver is willing to swerve into your lane once, why do you go on taunting him? A bunch of ego flying around there and it's going to get someone killed eventually.
  10. :stir: I'll go against the flow then. Cops gettem....or I do. Unless he lives in his car he'll get out at some point. I dont play that crap!! ....this just happened to me 2 days ago. The child in their back seat was the ONLY reason I didnt engage.
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  11. All I know is that if the cops didn't show up, guy in the car was gonna get jumped by a sh*t load of bikers
  12. This pretty much sums it up, trying to do anything else is just stupid.
  13. Yea my first thought was oh look a bunch of squids, now in the first few seconds of video u see the car fly through the same lane as the bike that has the camera, but at that point I would've been ok this ass is not trying to avoid us let's put some distance between us
  14. Juilin

    Juilin Captain Pubic

    :scratchea That'd uh, be interesting. Assuming he doesn't get out of the car.
  15. It is impossible to tell what happened first as the video starts with the bikes next to the car and is edited after that. For all we know they could have been taunting him before the video started. Regardless of who started it, they kept it going by following the car around and taunting him. From his perspective, it is easy to see how he could feel threatened by a bunch of bikes following and surrounding him.

    Obviously the driver of the car does some pretty bad shit later on in the video that I wouldn't condone. The problem is that people, in general, are bat-shit crazy. You might do something on accident, but the other person will take it personally and fly off the handle. If anyone I don't know tries to follow me anywhere, I'm thinking they are bat-shit crazy. I'll avoid any kind of contact with them if at all possible. If push comes to shove and I can't get away from them, then I will do whatever it takes to protect myself and my family.

    You are exactly the kind of guy who will run across someone just like yourself at the wrong time and someone will wind up dead.
  16. I'd be willing to guess that not one person in that video (except maybe the driver) has ever taken a physics class. F=ma motherfuckers. "m" being the important part here.
  17. Granted, there is probably more than happened before the vid starts rolling....but did you not watch the same vid I watched?

    Starts off with the guy rolling down the highway with his leg dangling (totally gangsta) passing dude in the lincoln. Then the dude with camera passes dude in lincoln. Dude in lincoln swerves at him. Not cool. Then the lincoln decides to pass in the same lane....again...not cool.

    What happens later is the series of incidents that could of turned real ugly. The guy in the car had no right to even suggest that he is going to swerve towards someone....let it be another car or someone on a bike. That is a threat of violence. You decide to threaten violence with a group of people....let it be cristians, muslims, bikers, nuns, soccer moms, harley riders, scooter kids,'s not going to end well.

    I've had my share of people swerving at me for no reason. I've had a guy throw a breaker bar out a window at me for no reason, other than I was on a motorcycle and he/they didn't like it.

    Act all higher than mighty all you want. The fact that road rage against motorcyclists is real. The fact that road rage against bicyclists is real. When someone uses a car as a method to intimidate, scare or threaten someone with zero defense....things have gotten too far.

    If I witness road rage, I'll be the first to stop and be a witness. If I witness road rage to the point of someone being injured or worse....I'll more than likely be joining that person in jail.

    edit: I'm not condoning what the riders did after the original incident. I can say that being in similar is a difficult thing to control the rage you feel when some pussy behind the wheel of a car has acted in such a manner.
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  18. I have to wonder why a bunch of sportbikes riding down the freeway need a camera, were they trying to bait someone into road rage? If they were just minding their own business, why DIDN'T they back off and give the "idiot" space? Even with the (editted) video, who's to say the car driver wasn't trying to escape from the bikers? His swerves toward the riders got progressively worse as they went along, it's not like he immediately tried to run them off the road. It escalated to that level.
  19. Tell us more about the breaker bar inccodent, schultzy
  20. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

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