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Triumph Announces All-New 1215cc Trophy

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Tonga2, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. The profile on that looks a tad bit dated, would have expected it to look a little more modern.

  2. i like it!



  3. The front looks like a frog. Kinda cool for the sport tourer crowd.
  4. Neat. I am curious about the bag system
  5. I really like the look, but the feature list would probably scare me off. Look at all those buttons! I like bikes I can work on. I don't feel compelled to sit on a motorcycle for 1,000's of miles at a time anyways, but if I were to do so this thing sounds COMFY. Perhaps an option if i were to rent for a long trip. Also, i like the maintenance intervals.
  6. okay starting to like it less. I think its success will be heavily dependent on its price point. For sure has to be cheaper than the BMW, and likely will be I bet, but what about spec'd with all the gizmos? Should be interesting.

    when compared to the BMW R1200RT, the Yamaha FJR1300, Honda ST1300 and Kawasaki Councours 14


    Last edited: Jun 24, 2012
  7. What do you want to know? They look like the bags on my 2011 Sprint GT. Saddle bags are large enough to store a helmet.

    Also just got the top box installed and I think the specs on that are also the same as the Sprint GT's -- big enough to store 2 helmets, standard 12v cigarette socket inside.

    All of them are easily removed including the top box.
  8. I think he means the Triumph Dynamic Luggage System. Seems gimmicky at first read, but Ill hold off on judgement until I hear more..
  9. People don't buy spec sheets, they buy motorcycles. The only thing that matters is how it makes you feel when you ride it. The time to be pragmatic when shopping for a vehicle, is when you're shopping for a minivan.
  10. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Av just realized it did not have the letters BMW on it. He was confused for a bit by all the words. :stir:
  11. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    looks a lot like the BMW to me.

    i'm interested in checking one out.
  12. now put all that tech in a sport package and I'm interested...
  13. Can't say I dig the looks of it that much. It's obviously more focused on t but that's why I bought my Sprint: I wanted something that would eat up miles when I wanted. but more on the sporty side. Sadly rumor is the sprint will be no longer one this one is released.

    I also have the luggage peices on mine. I found the Sprint behaves very well completely loaded up. Maybe even a bit better. Top box also moves if it's the same system.

    If I wanted a full on tourer I might look at it. But for my needs as an all around that will eat up miles... Nope. Ill stick with the Sprint!
  14. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    Triumph tends to make really good bikes even if they are not the top mutt of the spec sheet.

    Did they really have to make it that ugly though...*shiver*
  15. The luggage system on the Trophy is the same as the Sprint GT from what I can gather from both the Triumph website as well as comments in the RAT forum.

    What makes it "dynamic" is that both the saddle bags and the top box move (dynamically even) so that they swing a bit as the bike leans. This is to improve stability, per Triumph.

    And, according to anecdotal evidence, if one tries to disable the movement, it makes the bike unstable. Mebbe those Triumph guys knew what they were doing when they made them dynamic...
  16. Looks a bit like a cross between a Goldwing and a BMW 1600 RT. Not my cuppa, but nothing like as hideous as the Victory tourer.
  17. I like it. After putting a bit over 400 miles in one day on a FJR1300 last week, I really like the on-the-fly windscreen adjustment. It's a bit heavy for my taste, but once it's rolling, it doesn't feel so bad.

    I really want something a bit more general bike in flavor though, like a Versys, V-strom, or NTV700. Lighter, great mileage, more a commuter than a tourer, but still comfortable on long rides. (Have I mentioned how much I miss my PC800?)
  18. Looks like a late 80's kawi concours to me.
  19. :scratchea Its offensively ugly and physically painful to look at
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