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Triumph Daytona 955i Reborn (+ crash vid)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by tunus, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. So I imported a Triumph Daytona 955i 2002 from UK into Netherlands in Spring 2011. The bike was beautiful and I enjoyed it very much during the warm Summer months. Here's a picture from that time:


    Then on a lovely Saturday afternoon ride in early September in the middle of the North Holland province, I ran across a tractor that taught me a valuable lesson - Expect the unexpected!

    I did not expect him to turn in the middle of nowhere. I was already committed to the pass when I realized he was turning left.:scared:scared No indicators, no nothing :angry7::angry7::rant:angry7:

    I was extremely lucky to have avoided hitting the tractor and walked away with two bruises on my ass. The Daytona wasn't so lucky.


    I took off all damaged parts and inspected the frame and forks - they appear to be fine. The bike lowsided to the right and the fairings and the front fairing stay have absorbed the impact. So I decided to replace the damaged parts and rebuild it to pristine condition again.

    Starting with the rebuild...


    As I was using various forums and Ebay to source affordable parts, I came across a listing for a new headlight and front fairing from 2004 Daytona, so the bike was rebuilt with the updated front styling. I give you the reborn Daytona:


    To make the updated headlight and fairing work, I had to replace the front fairing stay as well. The rest was a direct fit. I also replaced the damaged stock exhaust with a triumph racing pipe which makes the sweetest sound.

    Still outstanding:
    K&N air filter (ordered)
    Re-map the ECU for the new filter and exhasut
    Polish & Wax
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  2. Nice to see you got her back together. I went through something simular with my 02 as well. I updated mine with 06 parts.


  3. That's a cool looking Daytona. What kind of handlebars are you running? I think that will be my next mod as I am not too fond of the stock clipons.
  4. Is that on the dragon?
  5. That had to be pretty damn scary to be lying on the ground with that tractor ready to iron you out!!! You're lucky to have gotten off as lightly as you did.
    Was your camera dangling and spinning on the wire? I was thinking,"Why the Hell is this dude running in small circles???" :)
    The poor Triumph was beautiful before, but the after look is a whole lot better!!! You did some very nice work!

    Also, are you sure that was even a road at all??? It looks like a damn sidewalk!!!
  6. Infidel, actually I flew over the handlebars landed on some tall grass and slid into an irrigation canal about 8 feet down off the road level - look to the left as I am approaching the tractor - that's a canal! The tractor was trying to cross the canal at the only available crossing and into the field. Luckily, there was only about a foot of water. If you look closely, the part where the camera is spinning on its cord and I look like I'm running, I'm actually climbing out of the canal back on the main road. Then you can see me trying to take my gloves off and the bike on its side.

    The road looks like a sidewalk because the Dutch are way too cheap to build proper roads between the smaller villages. Most of the secondary smaller roads are 1 lane wide with some widening every 500 feet (if you are lucky) for cars to pass each other.
  7. I see :mrgreen:

    I'm glad you made it out in one piece!

    And again, great job on the bike. It's good to see it back together!
  8. If only I had such money.
  9. The clip-ons are Heli bar risers, but the levers are CRG shorty reds. The windscreen is zero gravity. The frame sliders were off a R1, they bolted right on to the existing hardware mounts. Here is another pic that helps you see a little better.

    Yes coastie that is the tail plus I did Hells bender while there. I went through three sets of tires that weekend.
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