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Troubleshooting vibrating handlebars

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Alpine 318is, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I ran into an annoyance on my newly purchased 2003 Kawi 636, vibration in the handle bars.

    I have figured out that it seems to be a product of engine speed and not road speed as when the revs increase the vibration increases. I have some pretty large bar ends on there so I doubt thats the reason but I can't think of anything else other than the engine mounts?

  2. Once you make sure that it's not a real issue, you can put heavier weight bar ends on it to lessen the vibration.

  3. Shitty chinese clip-ons maybe?
  4. What are the "real" issues.

    Look stock to me.
  5. I just meant that once you rule out the vibration being caused by something broken or not torqued down properly, basically that it's just a vibraty bike, then you can put on heavier bar ends to help out.
  6. Rent 'em out as marital aides.
  7. The following helped on my bike:

    1) Valve adjustment.

    2) Barsnake. I would try the two-part liquid stuff next time. There were some burs inside the bars that needed to be filed down before I could install it.

    3) Bark Busters

    4) Bark Busters B66 Handguard Weight

    I only run the Bark Busters during the winter months, so I'll eventually get some extra-heavy bar end weights. Anybody have any recommendations?
  8. I knew a guy that filled his handlebars full of nails and epoxy, helped the vibration loads.
  9. Loosen and re-torque the handlebar mounts.

    Guaranteed I think. Worked for me on my stock bars with minimum effort.
  11. If you were to spiral-wrap the grips with the thickest foam tennis racquet handle wraps available, they will provide two benefits. They will provide a degree of vibration isolation and, since the grips will then be a bit larger in diameter, they will make it easier to twist the throttle with less effort.

    Using one complete wrap for each grip, start the wrap at the outboard end of the grip, overlapping as you go, to finish at the inboard end of the grip. The wraps come with elastic bands to finish the job at the inboard end of the grips.
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  12. Grip Puppies do the same thing your talking about and they are one piece.
  13. Go down to local Firearm store that carries reloading supplies and get some no.6 lead shot. This along with there bar end plugs, pack the bar with lead shot and use the caps to keep it in there.

    Believe me, It works.
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