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Discussion in 'Racing' started by dirtysoldman, May 29, 2012.

  1. TT practice has started , all the usual suspects present,but McGuiness on a roll after th NW200 result,hope they all survive the next two hectic weeks of proper racing.Log onto ManxRadio web page to hear all the news.

  2. Nice, just installed the app.
  3. I just watch the evening broadcast :)
  4. I fucking LOVE Guy Martin, call it a man crush if you want
  5. McGuiness win his 18th ,poor old Guy not on the podium and similar happened to Stoner yesterday,Spies trys too hard and ends up coming back from the rear to bag 10th.
  6. Friday's racing was postponed for weather, but the ACU couldn't have known it would be dry & nice by the afternoon. I couldn't change my flight so had to leave last night & can watch McGuinness do it again from here.

    As for Guy Martin, he & the Tyco Suzuki guys came in while were eating at Coasters the other night -- it's hard to believe the amount of cell phone traffic he generates!
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