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"Twist of the Wrist" or "Twist 2"?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by rickc, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Everyone says get it and read it. Should I buy both "Twist 1" and "Twist 2" or just 2? Book or DVD?
  2. I got books 1 and 2 for pretty cheap and read through them both in one day. 2 was a little better but i didn't mind the first. See if the library has them? Haven't seen the DVD but have seen clips on youtube of it. Seems like it could be worth it to put the actual physical examples to the words.

  3. The twist of the wrist 2 movie is a great one to watch. I work in the motorcycle business and ride year round. Street, track, duelsport. So I have a lot of seat time and miles under my belt. I watched the video and it helped me take my riding to the next level. Great video. A must watch.
  4. For those of you in Portland, you can borrow it from the library. Oh, and I dl the Twist 1 onto my phone. I saw a thread about it somewhere on here so do a search and you'll run across it too.
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  5. Get II plus the DVD. DVD is good at going over the basic topics, though the presentation is pretty cheesy. Get past that and the lessons are solid. The book is the same way and goes over things in a lot more detail and is a good companion for the video.

    Keith Code's schools are expensive, but the training is great. His instructors are top notch. Do it if you ever get the chance.
  6. I tend to enjoy the visual aspects of DVDs but seem to remember more if I read something. After checking prices, I'll probably get the DVD first and then get the book. I've got a line on a cheap DVD of "II". Half the fun is improving your skills and becoming a better rider and I'm a research junkie. lol
  7. TOTW II & the DVD. They make a good combo. You can read chapters of the book whenever, and the DVD has great in-motion visuals in between the cheezy acting. Just try not to LOL when the two doofuses talk about what they do for a living.
  8. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Get both books and and all the DVD's!
  9. Don't bother with the Twist 1 video unless you like comedies. It's that bad.
    Twist 1 is an ok read.

    Twist II, get the book and the vid.
    Another good read is Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques
  10. So, sounds like I should get II, book and DVD. I'll look into the Total Control book.
  11. Those books offer some street riding and track riding information. A good book for practical everyday situations to watch out for when on the road is

    Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well
    and More Proficient Motorcycling: Mastering the Ride
  12. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Get David Hough's books, or something from Nick Ienatsch or Lee Parks. I have read Keith Code's stuff, and his writing style failed to help me. I do try to read it each year, to be fair, and in the honest belief that I should be able to learn something from most sources. Code just does not write in a manner that works for me.
  13. Powells in Beaverton has both books as of a couple weeks ago. I put them both together as they were on different shelves. :mrgreen:
  14. +1

    This book is awesome and I found Lee's writing more approachable than Keith's.
  15. +1
  16. Just ordered "II" DVD. Maybe some visual aids will keep me between the ditches.
  17. Super cheese aside...this DVD changed how I think about my riding everyday. Keyword THINK while you ride. Getting in the habit of applying the content of this DVD to your everyday riding is VERY rewarding. Good luck to you hope you enjoy the cheesy dialogue! crackup:
  18. Keith writes in a way of trying to get the point across to any type of rider That means beginner to advanced. He goes about it in a way that is very simple and casual.

    Total control is more for someone who already has most of the terminology down and has a decent grasp of what's going on. He just tries to teach you in a more technical manner.
    That's the reason I always recommend both books. If you fail to grasp what's being described in one surly the other will clue you in.
  19. Could anyone with the wrist 2 dvd check and see if it has subtitles please? Thanks.
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