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Twisted Wrist in Wenatchee June 30th 2012

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by Vigilante, May 28, 2012.

  1. Mark it on the calendar and make your plans! We are planning some great riding again this year as well as a bunch of other activities. All our local dealerships are involved this year and is open to all types of bikes! We had an interesting mix of motorcycles last year from vintage, customs, dirt bikes, cruisers... you name it. There is something for everyone. Come join us!


  2. also in on this. i had a hard time finding info but word has been spread for awhile.
  3. Whats the adventure bike route going to be like..... Me like dirt !
  4. Does this cost money? You or someone you know left their card on my old Yamaha R5. I'd probably show up and show off my bike if the cost is near free or free.
  5. Rumor has it another Twisted Wrist committee member (Malaga900) is going to lead a dual sport ride (possibly on Sunday) up to Concunully area.

    Yes this costs a little bit- what we did last year was charge a one-time registration fee (~$30) and in return the rider got to participate in all the events including the poker run, parade, show entry, games, etc. for chances to win prizes and also received a goodie bag including a Twisted Wrist Tshirt and other cool stuff. It's worth a little motorcycle fun right here in our local area!
  6. We don't need a discover pass for the state park do we? May have camp in the compound and drink at the bar
  7. I'll be there. Mainly for the parade, cruise, etc. However, am I missing something or is there no list of times anywhere on their website?
  8. Might head over....should be nice weather.
  9. How about a local DS ride. I dont know if I will beable to camp over night. there is a ton of ridding around here !
  10. Great! We look forward to seeing you. Things will get set up on Saturday morning and events like the bike show and swap meet will likely start around 9am. We will try to have a schedule listed at the registration table- so no worries! Just plan to attend and have a good time... we are a laid back bunch and enjoy letting riders do what they want rather than trying to control everything. :mrgreen:

  11. Sounds good. 9AM it is. I'll be there first thing to buy up all the swap meet swag.
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  12. The transfer of information on the website is behind a bit. Try for the earlier tentative schedule.
  13. I will swing by... bikeless for the first time in a while, but love to catch up with those of you that I know.
  14. I like to go, but I can't spend the whole day. Can I register, park the bike and check on it from time to time, but be there for the judging? (Its moving weekend for us...ugh).
  15. teaser of what im parking there, [​IMG]
  16. Nice! If I end up there, I'll have this:

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  17. BBQ after the show at Columbia Brewery. Outside and right across from the riverfront park. Could be good!!
  18. I like it. I hope we will pull a lot of interesting bikes out of the woodwork. Anybody have a Cotton trials bike? How about a Francis Barnett? DKW? Yamaguchi? Tahotsu? Bridgestone? Bring it on down. Win a major award! :stir:
  19. Bumping this up - Hope to see everyone this Saturday.
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