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Two attempted thefts in one night.

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Psychowarden, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. First of all, hello everyone. Just moved here from Hawaii, and I brought my bike with me.

    On the note of bringing my bike with me, someone tried to steal it out of the back of my truck last night. What makes this even more interesting is that it was still on the pallet and covered in a crate. So somehow, they managed to manhandle the 600lbs that is my XR1200 and pallet out of my truck gently enough to not make a huge crash when they put it down. The silver lining to this, is that the bike is completely unharmed and now, thanks to the would be thieves, out of my truck, which would have otherwise required me to take it to the dealership and have it lifted out with a forklift. Take note that this happened in the parking lot of my apartment complex, with buildings surrounding my truck.

    The other attempted theft happened to a gentleman that keeps his 2001 ZXR1200 in his garage just 20 feet from where my truck was parked. They ripped off the handle of his garage and tried to break into it. The fact that only his garage was tampered with is no coincidence.

    So if you guys see any suspicious vehicles driving around your area, don't think lightly of it, whoever tried to take ours had been watching his for a while, and mine just happened to be parked right next to it. I'm just glad that both my bike and my neighbors bike are both ok and still in our possession.
  2. Get some bad ass rotor locks for front and back and a heavy duty non-cheapo chain to chain it up to something that is equally strong and stationary.

    That is pretty damn awesome they got it out of your truck for you though. Maybe it was your neighbors that did it as a 'Welcome to the neighborhood' thing? lul

    Either way welcome to the PNW!

  3. That was my first thought actually, but then I realized that all of the tie down straps that I had on it had been cut, and that's quite the welcome to destroy $50 of good ratcheting tie downs.
  4. Hey Kevin, welcome back!
  5. RedVFR

    RedVFR Fast, Easy, and Old Fashioned

    Bastard tweakers. I'm going to go close my garage now.
  6. Welcome back Kevin, did you ride every road on the Island?
  7. Thanks guys, I'm glad to be back. hopefully I'll get over to Moses next spring for a couple bike nights at Chico's.

    I rode all over the Big Island and all over Oahu, unfortunately didn't get a chance to get my bike to Maui. But I figure when it comes to getting those little diagrams of filling in the states that you've ridden on, I've got the hardest one out of the way. Also, I get to be the hidden gem in the "License Plate Game" for a few more weeks with my Hawaii plate.

    The bike has got an alarm disc lock on it, and I also installed a motion detector in my garage, so whenever someone goes in my garage, a chime goes off in my apartment.
  8. We definitely lucked out with our bikes the other night. I have so many locks on it now, can't make a quick getaway anymore. Ordered an alarm for the ZRX too. I like the garage guard dog idea. I don't have a dog, but my ex-wife could scare them away. By the way, that's one of the coolest Harley's I've seen yet. I'm just glad it wasn't damaged.
  9. Theft happen more often in the apartment complexes. I would invest in a garage and security.
  10. Guess full insurance is the only sure thing. I don't understand the motive behind stealing a bike, other than for a joy ride. You couldn't ride it around, without constant fear of the owner running the thief over, or getting arrested. Love to catch one in progress though! Alarm should arrive in a couple days, and I setup a motion sensor, ear piercing alarm inside the garage.
  11. They up'd the security patrol so we shall see him alot next week
  12. Glad to hear they are upping the security here.

    Glen, where did you get the alarm at? Did they have them at Harbor Freight? I saw you leaving right as I was pulling up. I had to pick up a charger for my battery, I guess sitting idle for a few months will leave it a little drained.
  13. I know a lime green Vespa got ripped from the Corbin park area about the same time:angry7:
  14. Doesn't help but I would NEVER leave a bike outside of an apartment complex overnight. It just seems like that's where I hear of most of the thefts are taking place.
  15. Glen's ZRX was in his locked garage, and mine was in a crate still in the back of my truck.
  16. Got the 120db motion sensor at Lowes. It seems to work, and would most likely wake me up with my window open. The bike alarm I ordered from EBay, just because I had the Paypal $$. I thought about a chime type alert for inside the apt, but wasn't sure if the signal would reach. I think a 50,000 volts to the garage door handle would be fun too, but I think I got the security at a good level now.
  17. scorpio sri900

    i think is what i have on mine ~$150.

    it has a 2-way pager built in, motion sensor, tilt sensor/etc.
  18. +1

    I have an older version and it's served me well.
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