Two piece red & black Dainese leathers

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    For sale - two piece Dainese leathers, used.

    Size - 50. I'm 5'10" and 155lbs, it fits me pretty well. The person who owned it before me was closer to 6' tall, 160 lbs.

    I bought them with my motorcycle as a package deal but I've personally never used them. They are in great condition and look awesome. Padding in the knees, none in the jacket.

    Asking $200.

    I'm in Vancouver, willing to meet you in the Portland/Vancouver area.




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  2. Bump - reduced price, now $200.
  3. Eh, $175.
  4. Are there pockets for padding/armor in the jacket? Also, is the jacket perforated?
  5. No and no unfortunately...
  6. $150ish?
  7. Pm sent! 5032689148

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