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unemployed mechanic for hire.

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Andre 1000, May 22, 2012.

  1. hey guys, got laid off yesterday from my auto mechanic job. I have over ten years experience. I live in the Kirkland area and have A Lot of auto/bike tools. but i'm not mobile so if any one needs help or wants me to do any job for them shoot me a call or text. my number is in my profile. I can work on any bike, car, truck, SUV. i'm not good with diesel or carbs. I can fix boats and jet skis.
    it never hurts to call and get a second opinion. I should state for the record that I am not good with valves and front shocks. Not much experience with those so far. I always recomend people to fluid suspension science for front fork work and dealers for valve work. Mainly cause I dont have shimms and/or dont want to have to deal with going back and forth to dealers to get them. Huge pain in the ass. But every thing else Im up for.
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  2. Boeing has been hiring lately...and they have a huge motor pool to maintain.
    Hope it all works out...
  3. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    text sent as well.
  4. Yo, thanks guys for the huge responce. It helps out a lot.
  5. Hey man, I was wondering how good you are with completely aftermarket parts cars. I am getting ready to part my car out and need a mechanic to help with some of the more in depth work.
  6. Sorry to hear that man. Best of luck and let me know if I can help in any way.
  7. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    Ask him about his supra and you'll find out.
  8. I’ll take that as a person who knows this gentleman and that he knows about "ricers" or tuners/imports
  9. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    I've met Andrew a few times, real down to earth guy. His supra (old school) is a beast. He knows his way around a motor.
  10. Dude, I have a 2000 Celica GT with a basically toast engine and a spare engine I've been (too) slowly assembling. Want to wrap it up? Bottom end is done. Most all parts are here. Hit me uuuuuup (via PM).
  11. Im very good around aftermarket parts, I buy from ebay all the time, lol. really.

    taking things apart is no problem. I understand that those aftermarket items can be delicate.
  12. Just had the timing belt and water pump replaced on my car by a Andrew, a very competent mechanic. Having worked on my fair share of all things broken, I felt privileged to hang out, while he plied his trade and expertise. I could have had the work done anywhere else, but taking the drive seemed a good reason we as a sport bike riding community support one another. Thanks for the excellent work. :mfclap:
  13. Thank you so much for the feedback. That always helps.
  14. Would you be willing to give maintenance lessons? I've started tinkering around my bike, and finding that I need guidance.
  15. of course, I love meeting new people and talking bikes.
  16. Hey I've got a 91 Integra that needs help. It's got a 95 b16a2 engine and been experiencing a LOT of hesitation at around 3000 rpms.. I'm in the Covington area.
  17. sending PM
  18. Sent a text. I've got a friend with a '99 Katana 750 who needs his carb cleaned.
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