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Update on PGP for SuperMoto?

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Nex, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Wondering if anything changed from a few month ago... SM bike sitting in the garage collecting dust.
  2. werd.. what's the latest?

  3. Nothing for us at the moment. Paul is battling in court to get us back in but the way the court system works nothing is quick. He is working very hard at getting this taken care of.

    My bike is getting little use also but it is ready when things change.
  4. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    next stop.

    WA state appeals court.
    out of biased county court.

  5. what happened there again? :scratchea

    I have yet to ride that track....
  6. I got an email back from PGP / Paul... pretty much a waiting game.

    My CRF250 is ready to roll just as soon as they open up!
  7. I keep hearing rumblings of worst case being Jan 1st. Does anyone know if this is for sure or if even next year hinges on the courts decision?
    Been to Portland 4 times already this year but its just not that convienent.
  8. No court date - no date. I wish there was a parking lot somewhere around Seattle we could use for a day with some orange cones. Something where track only sumos can run.
  9. Shhhh.....but I know of a place near here that would work nicely. Dirt included.
  10. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

  11. Looks like Riverdale is going to be home for the kid and I this summer. Miss sumo and our PGP family but if we can't ride at home we're gonna do our best to get good at dirt. Here that Deb... we're getting good at being dirty.:stir:
  12. We ought to setup a parking lot course one weekend. The Ridge's new paddock looks pretty good :)

    Everett Aquasocks parking lot is decently remote, and they allowed the skills day people to set cones down.

    Any word on Evergreen running motards? or are they too busy with nascar :angry7:
  13. pacific raceways (of all people) are putting in a mx track as we speak. Right next to PGP.

    I overheard they MIGHT install a flattrack, or flattrack section in there... Now that would make your supermoto fun again. Install a dualsport tire, and go rip it up. :shock:
  14. Mic

    Mic Retired

    I didn't even know they got rid of the MX track?
  15. Yeah, a couple of years ago.

    What was even cooler was that for a year PR also had an enduro-cross track. It basically started/ended in the area next to the MX track but it ran the perimeter of their property. It was pretty fun to ride for a quick fix.

    As for this PGP/SuMo stuff, I hope it gets worked out for the best.
  16. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Are you talking about the old Nasty Wench/White Knuckle GP course that ran around the entire property? That was one of the most fun races, through the big grass fields, around the grandstands, on the road race track, and the MX track and woods! :mrgreen:
  17. You don't need practice for that Cliffy :nana ... You know.. you can always come down to OR and race with us when we go down :mfclap:

    Load up and head down to OR for some track time until we get PGP back ;)

    Ohhh the Flat Track is going in Darren :mrgreen: I see Pete spanking all of us when this goes in :popcorn:
  18. Any dates for MX / flat track?
  19. goddamnit.. pete get's to spank debi..


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