Vancouver, WA Motorcycle Riders - Post up if you hale from the 'couv!

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by beansbaxter, Nov 23, 2008.

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    Alright, the riders of the Vancouver, WA area asked for it so this is for you.

    Post up if you are living in the Vancouver area, and let's see some pictures of your bike!
  2. Here's a couple pics of my baby
  3. My 2 fiddy:mrgreen:
  4. :wave:
    (bike pics later, but it's identical to Revmeups vvv below, but all black) :)
  5. for Monkey..
  6. Oh bike! LOL, Thanx Revvy! ;)
  7. Wingman

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  8. [​IMG]


    Nice to see a Couv thread!
  9. Transported

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    2006 FZ1
    That's AnyExcuseToRide's old bike, right? That is in such beautiful shape.
  10. Nicegy guy here in the Couve. Over by Pro Caliber
  11. Beans! WTF?

    Did Mayor Pollard call and threaten to smash the forums if you kept referring to Vancouver as a Suburb of PDX?

  12. Awesome! Hi! :wave:
  13. OMG, that made me giggle! LOL Pretty bikes! :)
  14. I've never been to Vancouver or Portland before. I need to ride there sometimes to meet PNW riders in the area. 8)
  15. Hairo!


    Nice gix

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  16. :) I was waiting for you to post up a pic of your cool bike! Hai!
  17. Thanx Kel! Virgos rule. However, my bikes aren't always in the best of shape, so i guess i'm an exception to the "rule".

    woo hoo! i quit cigarettes, but i'm still smokin' :thefinge:
  18. :wave: Welcome! (I haven't yet encountered this, may be a connection issue on your end, but just guessing here, idk? I hope it resolves. Did you try rebooting and re- opening up website?)
  19. Hey all... :mrgreen:

    Prune Hill checking in. 8)


    38th and Ingelwood on the way home from work in the morning. (don't mind the date, my camera is smarter than I am :) )

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