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VENT! to all the. harley riders/ hog riders.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by SpoolinByYou, Aug 30, 2010.

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    I rode yesterday for 6 hours. 6.....
    I saw apox 30 bikes, 6 sport and 24 hogs, now iIwhen i give u the "wave and your 3 lanes away and u dont see me ya i understand but when 20 out of the 24 hog riders LOOK DIRECTLY at me as i was waving and i even got the finger from one of them... they can all do ride off a cliff. stuck up pricks. i hate you guys, i wave at a damn moped 2 weels right on! but oooo no sport bikes, no wave to u im a big hog rider.. ooOO if this was 1960 and we had sport bikes id go road rash status and ride with a chain! id actually get off the exit turn around and run you down.
    all the sport bikes waved, 3 hogs waved, and the rest can go to hell. i mean shit, if your staring at my when i wave and you cant give me the respect of waving back wtf.

    i have NOTHING against harley riders, notta, but it seems some of them are just mother censored:`s

    95% of sport bikers WAVE to everyone.
    80% of hog riders DONT.

    get bent to all of the pricks.:devil::thefinge::rant
    and right on keep riding to the others....8)
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  2. another waving thread?


    ignore the fact that it's not a world cup team/match

  3. I agree! :mfclap: I went on a 130 mile rip Saturday and only 1 in 10 harley riders waved back. I'm just not going to wave at the pcensored: any more.
  4. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    once I parked my beautiful vintage BMW near a bunch of harleys and went in for some food. When we came out they had moved all the 20 or so HD's across the lot away from our little bike.
    It happened another time as well.
    Then there are those on here who deny it. what eva!
  5. A lot of them wave to me.... and I look like "Ricky Racer".
  6. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Really, WHO CARES!?!

  7. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    Sooo sensitive.
    Its ok, Mom still loves ya.
  8. I wave at everyone, it's one of my favorite parts of riding. I get really happy when they wave back but it feels a little insulting when they look right at me and just completely ignore me.
  9. Would you dare to ride a 700 pound wobbling piece of steel and rubber with one hand for even a split second?
  10. A lot of riders have that "More biker than thou" attitude. It's lame. I get a lot of it on my bike, from people riding a fairly diverse cross-section of bikes. I will continue to be the guy that waves, nods, gives warnings in the event of cops or hazards, etc., because I'd rather not be that other guy.

    I get it. You don't care. That's probably a good thing, because I'd imagine everyone dislikes you. You get the wave anyways.
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  11. i guy on a harley flipped me off one time when i waved....i LOL'ed out loudcrackup:

    my favorite i when they conviently do a head check to the right when you go by them so as to be like they never saw you, when they are in the right lane.
  12. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    the guy with dreds to his ass, the person tattoo'd and pierced like a 3 ring binder filled with coloring books, and ape hangers make me laugh at the stupidity of our world.
  13. Im young and bitter, and after the demise of Buell I hold it again each and every HD rider and refuse to wave. I in fact curse them under my helmet sometimes as they pass, and then laugh for the next few blocks.
  14. Had to go up to Columbia HD to pick up some parts, and apparently there was a ride or event going on. The Vancouver HOG Pres was directing all HD traffic into the parking lot, and waving all 'other' bikes to park on the street. I was riding my Honda, but ignored the directions, and took the opportunity to damn near run him over as he tried to stop me. He's a stupid ignorant fuck.
  15. Sorry to all the "metric" guys out there but I don't wave anymore. If I see a sportbike/touring/dirt bike headlight coming at me I wave. If I see that triple set of lights or some huge flag or other "Harley crap". Nope, you wave...I'll wave back. Other than that I'm just rolling.vtr2:
  16. I was one of them. You're welcome, asshole.

    Maybe if you wore more tassels and less leather, you would get some love from me. Sorry, I don't wave at dipshits dressed like power rangers.
  17. Right there with you. The "bikers" around here won't even lift a finger if I wave, so I stopped. They must be too busy trying to make it to the next bar without breaking down, or worrying about getting a dui
  18. 3 bad ass motor scooters went by me all having ape hangers not one wave back so me being the ass I have practiced at being for so long had to turn around get up right behind them and got informaton with my hands held high like I had ape hangers too I felt so much better about myself afterwards lol not one of them pulled a chain or switch blade knife or even growled at me
  19. Since I bought an M109, sportbikes dont wave at me anymore.
    My day doesn't have enough anger in it, I want to be pissed about this too.
  20. +1

    I love waving threads.
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