Very sexy woman riding down hwy 30 on a hayabusa.. In a bikini

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  1. I know I'm an ass, but hey, I got your attention. This is an open topic thread to say whatever you want, talk to whomever, To change topics, to tell jokes, to argue over not wearing the right gear.. Whatever.
    This thread is designed to get the riders from St. Helens to Seaside. From Vernonia to Castlerock, wa together. To get aquainted for this upcoming riding season. Not to post rides, but maybe to discuss and plan a possible posting. For generalized stupid questions or comments. Whatever comes to mind... So let's get it going.
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  3. ummm... I am confused by this.

    so here is a picture.

  4. hey thanks for the pic:)

    At the time I thought it was funny, but now I regret my weak sense of humor. I'm running on 6 hours of sleep in the past 36.. So please excuse my mildly stuptarded title:)
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  5. Were you also smoking crack when you thought up this thread?
  6. Ha ha.. I should have, then I would have a reasonable excuse
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    OML..... here we go again.
  8. crackup: I wasn't aware OML was used frequently enough to abreviate it.
  9. How did you get my high school yearbook picture?!?!
  10. Ok I'll start.
    1. Which oil should I use?
    2. Which tires are the best?
    3. Should I wave at H.D. riders? Sometimes they don't wave back and it hurts my feelings.
    4. Is busa girl real?
    5. Sometimes its to hot to wear ATGATT is that OK?
  11. Can I use this thread to increase my number of posts without actually having to say anything useful? I'd like to move past street fighter eventually...
  12. Could be worse. You could have a habit of getting drunk and posting useless crap for no reason.
    I know a guy like that.
  13. Could be worse. You could have a habit of getting drunk and posting useless crap for no reason.
    I know a guy like that.
  14. +1
  15. I consider double posting as cheating.
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    So the real purpose of this thread is? ....
  17. To increase posts?
  18. I thought it was a Busa Girl sighting

  19. vagrant

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    It was me. rawr.


    Outer Mold Line?

    PS, this thread sucks donkey balls.

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