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Veterans and Active Duty

Discussion in 'Westside' started by 03sv1000s, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I am looking to get a group of vets and active duty riders together. I want to get a group of riders that has that has the sense of brotherhood, that I just can't find. No bias here on what you ride. Just looking for some good people that might have the same experiences, and outlook.
  2. you mean like "Warrior Brotherhood" ??

  3. My husband doesn't have a PNWRiders account, but he's interested. What experiences and outlooks are you looking for?

    16 months in the Korengal Valley (2005 - 2007) w/10th Mountain - 13F. Iraq (once w/Infantry, once w/EOD). He's active duty.

    He just learned to ride this year - so he's still learning. Wants to practice tho.
  4. ^ Reported. Dumbwad spammers.

    OP, you may want to find a more specific goal for the group. In my BDE we have a variety of different motorcyclists that would be amenable to meeting outside of work, but not together as a large group like we do for officially sanctioned events. I'd consider being part of something like that if it's more than the "burgers and beer" overweight dudes that cage it to Sonic and gawk at passerby (nothing against any groups that do that lol).
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  5. If you need vets and servicemen for a sense of brotherhood you aren't looking very hard.
  6. I‘m off Thursdays and like to go for moderately aggressive fairly long rides, (always look for the twisty’s). Last Wednesday took a vacation day and went for a 576 mile run to Windy Ridge and a few other places. Most of my longer days are solo. Shorter 300 or so mile days are occasionally with one or two other riders.

    I served with the 1st Air Cav, A/227th AHB, (68-69) but let me state here I’m not a “Professional Veteran”. Not decked out with patches and such, don’t belong to the VFW or Legion.

    I’m always happy to meet up with someone who wants to go riding, Vet or Non-Vet, Male or Female.

    Next week I’m taking my son to Boise State for his sophomore year. Let me know if you want to go for a ride the week after next.
  7. Not looking for a club. Just a group of guys that get together every so often and go for a ride. Was hoping to get a few people that have more that just motorcycles in common.
  8. we all ride together, military or not. We all have something in common other than motorcycles if you check out the puyallup-Tacoma section
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