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  1. Met some guys from a FZ1 forum yesterday who were staying down in Arkansas for the weekend. I just met them for saturday and went back home. My day started at 0500 and i got home at 2140. Did 727 miles yesterday!

    FZ1OA Arkansas Fall Rally 2012 - YouTube
  2. Where did the ride start/end? I'm up in Compton, AR right now visiting family for the last week. Still want to bring my bike down and cruise the Ozarks one day. Going from Ponca over the mountain would be incredible on a supermoto; nothing but 180 degree turns all the way up with no straights :)
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  3. Ride started in Harrison, AR and ended there. Took 125 North(great road) into Missouri then when in MO headed east then back south again in AR. Look up 341 aka Push Mountain Rd(best road) which is South of Mountain Home, AR.

    If you ever get your bike here hit me up I'll ride with you.
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  4. I was just in Harrison yesterday :D Saw lots of bikes. May have been you guys!
  5. The group did do some of those roads on Friday. I didn't get down there till Saturday in which We stayed north - north east of Harrison the whole time

    Either way Arkansas sure does have a lot of good roads.
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