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Video of Spock showing hate!

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Khustla, May 1, 2012.

  1. my fault, my phone was ringing.
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  2. Ummm...yeah.

    Not so sure that video looks so good for the rider. In fact, kind of makes the rider look like the real asshole.
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  3. better an asshole than a grease stain..

    just sayin.
  4. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Did anyone else notice the drivers cell phone was on and in his lap with the screen lit? Go figure....
  5. OP=Rider. Yeah, he's an asshole! :nana

    Just kidding!!!! :ninja:
  6. I agree.

    However, this specific situation where the rider took the risk to 'illegally' pass in the first place renders his actions a bit over exaggerated.

    The driver was in the wrong for how he reacted to said pass. But the rider doesn't look much better by continuing his expression of frustration after the driver already admits wrong doing and apologizes. Once you get the apology the rider should issue a closing statement, like, "Look, now you know. Don't risk another persons life by playing chicken with a motorcycle. Pay attention, and think better next time."

    Of course, this is just my opinion based one what I saw in the video and my own assumptions made on the road situation.
  7. Not even close. That is one of the best videos I have ever seen.

    Sure the rider does something "technically", against the law, but it does not even come close to the response that was given. It is like you (unarmed, female, 10 years old and 100lbs smaller), taking one step towards me and I shoot you dead, cause you 'came' at me. Give me a break :thefinge:

    The guy on the bike, did one hell of a job of getting his point across and refraining from beating the hell out of him or worse.
  8. I think I would have lost it after the bird was waved. On a lighter note.... Nice bike:mrgreen:

  9. Good thing Spock didn't have a .45acp Tazer, confronting somebody in public can go bad real quick, no matter how correct you may be in telling somebody their an AssClown.
  10. Not everyone is a scardy cat, but many are. I agree Spock wasn't and that is good. The bike rider had every right to shoot the car driver when he swerved and put the bike rider in fear of his life. He didn't, and thank goodness he wasn't a scared whimp either.

    This was good confrontation between two folks that are not scared enough to get out of control. That is why I said it was one of best video's I have seen.

    I would bet if this had gotten more outta control, those two would have gotten into a good ol fashioned fist fight, rather the whimpy way out with weapons.
  11. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    "This is going on the internet tonight because you're a little bitch!"

    Best part of the movie.

    I give this movie a 7.6 / 10 .. It definitely needs more action, something was missing from this video. Possibly the driver getting out of the car and getting in the OP's face screaming shit like, "COME AT ME BRO! I'LL GO KLINGON ON YOUR ASS BITCH!" and then the OP doing something in retaliation.

    Moral of the story, if you see a motorcyclist with a GoPro/Contour on their helmet, do not piss them off and get recorded being a tough ass. It'll only get you put on the internet for fuckers like us to keep an eye out for moronic assholes like you. :mrgreen:
  12. props, more dumbfuckers like that need to be educated on the concept. Ive had many of those chats, and with most they seem to take notice of the reality
  13. So basically riding like an asshat absolves the rider of any consequences in the eyes of the majority of posters in this thread.

    Good to know.
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  14. both drivers did something stupid. tough guy on the ktm is an asshole. just because he is on a bike does not make him a victim.
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  15. Mic

    Mic Retired

    Agreed, he was the instigator, any reaction that happened afterwords (regardless if warranted or not) was due to him instigating the reaction.

    Just like he told the guy "You might do that to the wrong guy" the rider should understand that goes both ways. He might end up doing that to the wrong guy one on day and they will just run his ass over.

    Rider = dumbass that doesn't even understand the advice he is giving.

    Edit: On the other side of that, the Driver attempted assault with a vehicle.
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  16. Riding like an asshat how? He was in a legal lane, wasn't going some crazy speeds. Dude crossed into an illegal area for driving in order to "teach that damn biker a lesson".

    What he decided to do after is up for debate. I will say though, so often on here, keyboard cowboys bitch and moan about drivers doing this. At least this guy did SOMETHING.

    If someone doesn't wanna stand up for themselves and let a cager try to take 'em out like that, by all means... get on with your bad self.
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  17. that was not a "thru lane". it was a drop off zone.

    WTF, are you dropping someone off???!?! wtf, were you?

    ktm def was not
  18. tough guy??:scratchea

    I though he was pretty chill about it
  19. I don't get through BCC very often, but that looks a lot like a regular lane of travel to me. I think Spock was the asshole here. I don't know that I would have followed him into the garage. I've got a yellow wrap around glasses phobia and I'd also be worried about William Shatner showing up to back him, that vulcan death grip, being hit with the phone that the guy was on, or worse, having a set of dungeon dice thrown at me. Shudder.
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