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VIN on older bikes?

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by nemisis714, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. I bought a 1977 PE250b from Debi a while ago and didn't decide to get it into my name right away. I than lost the title (tried looking for it to no avail) and now want it registered in my name so I can get OHV tabs for it. Now here is the problem, I want to apply for lost title so I can get it into my name without the title but I need to know what the VIN is. The only serial numbers I see are the frame number and engine number (both of which seem really short for a VIN).

    My question here is: Are the VIN numbers on these older off-road the frame number? The frame number is PE250-162xx (The xx is actually a number though). Is that normal?

    Google tells me that pre-1980 do not have VIN's, so when I go into the DOL do I present them with the frame or engine number?
  2. if u can get ahold of debi and have her sign a release of intrest on the title then u can just have it put in ur name, or have her go with u to the dmv. they will have the vin on hand and can pull it up by her name,

  3. I would, but it transfered hands a couple times without the title being transferred. So I lost the title and 2 or 3 bills of sale along with it...
  4. then u get to do the fun stuff im doing, u need to send in a request to oly. for the info for the last known person on the title. then send them an certified letter with a request of lost title or release of interests. depending on what one u get back u can go strait to dmv or if it has to go threw the highway patrol for inspection. when u fill out the paper work asking for the vin number i would just use the frame number cause everything i looked up always refereed back to frame number. also if it has a tag for off-road use from before u can use that when sending in the paperwork.
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  5. The VIN should be on the fork, call up Suzuki and run through the numbers printed on there, they can tell you which one is valid and even run it through their system.

    I did this with a Yamaha bike when my insurance was being a pain about the the VIN being too short.
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