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VIN Painted Over

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by PDXF4IandZX7, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. So, I have a bike that needs to be registered. The issue is that the VIN number that is stamped on the frame is illegible. The frame of the bike was powder coated prior to my ownership. Should I try to sand off the portion over the VIN or attempt to contact the state and get a new VIN (the power coat is deep, I'd be sanding with a block in a very awkward place to have to sand - under the right handle bar - and it'd probably take a few hrs)?

    I already tried to take it to DMV who referred me to CHP. CHP told me to get paint remover (which I don't think works for a power coating?) and then come back (which at that point I'd go straight to DMV - if I can read the VIN then I would imagine DMV could).

    Anyone have success in removing a powder coat fairly easily or in getting a new VIN?

  2. I suppose it was worth a google, wasn't it? Shaka brah
  3. It looks like it needs to soak though.. hmmm Might be tricky on the side of a frame
  4. Yeah, I was stoked, and then I was not quite as stoked, but maybe I can sponge it or something, lol
  5. You might try scraping it off with a razor blade at a 90 degree angle.
  6. Isn't The Man going to be a little suspicious of a bunch of sanding on the VIN? Wouldn't the assumption be that the VIN had been modified?
  7. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    What, no VIN sticker?? :stir:
  8. They shouldn't be if you explain that somebody powdercoated the frame right over the stamped VIN.
  9. do it(scrape with razor) in the parking lot of the dmv if your worried about them wondering why its scraped
  10. Just tape off the surrounding area and sand lightly until it becomes readable. It will be obvious what has occurred. If they really push you can always sand it all off so it can be seen there is no tampering but to be honest if the engine no. And vin match your paperwork you should be good to go.
  11. That's funny.

    You think The Man listens to explanations?
    You think The Man doesn't assume you're a crook if there's anything slightly unusual?
    You think The Man thinks?

    I want to live in your world.
  12. So if the vin is not legible due to the previous owner powder coating the frame, how do you really know it is your bike?

    Lol, it probably would't have done so well in the oven.

    Just peel the shit off with a razor blade.
  13. :scratchea I don't know much about powder coating. But wouldn't a at least half decent Powder coater tape the vin up. looks like a jack ball move from the begining.. :ninja: its stolen :ninja:
  14. crackup:

    Take a pic before and middle and after to show your work.
    Maybe use a 1/2" wide flat-blade X-Acto so you can do a nice neat job of it.
    I'd cut a nice out-line. Then just scrape up to the line and it wont look so bad.
    Like the two on the lower left>>>>

    Then cover it with a sticker.:evil4:
  15. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    I sea wot u dyd thar.
  16. I've removed powder coating from unwanted areas before. It was fairly easy. But it was also on fresh powder coating. I just used a razor.
  17. The trick for this is to use the stripper crackup: get the stripper and some 2" aluminum foil tape, use the tape and a bondo applicator ( to ensure a good seal) to make a tray around and above the vin. pour in your stripper and let it soak.

    dont use razor blades, blades make scratches, scratches turn into cracks. Say NO to crack.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2012
  18. you can go on line and run the vin before taking it to the popo. that way if it IS hot you wont be surprised! do you know/have contact info for the seller? may come in handy.... just sayin.

    If it is stolen, motor and frame may not match up, turn in just the frame! get new and rebuild your salvage bike:popcorn:
  19. What you need to do is simply get a stripper - preferably a good looker, and a bottle of DOT approved break fluid. Have her change your brake Fluid. While she is doing this, simply do not clean up the spilled or splashed product. With any luck, she will have spilled enough on the vin to remove anything ever applied. After she is done, have her perform....maybe two songs (Welcome to the Jungle and Ozzy's Iron Man). Then go and wipe up the spilled Brake fluid. Boom! :ninja:

    Cut her with a razor blade as a last resort attempt.....
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