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Visiting Gig Harbor...What to do

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Kelbor, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hey Ya'll,

    As the title says, Im gonna be staying up in Gig Harbor for a week attending a workshop...What should I be planning on doing with my free time? Any great (right now Im booked at the Inn of Gig Harbor) places to stay other then then place Im booked?

    I've never been up in your neck of the woods so any suggestions would kick-ass!

  2. I'd suggest getting a rental car and heading to someplace like Seattle or Tacoma (closer)....

  3. I used to live in Gig Harbor. Not much to see there except for what is along the harbor itself which is accomplished in a few hours, so I would suggest sightseeing the Olympic peninsula. Some cool Navy ships are at Bremerton. Poulsbo is a little kitshy, but the waterfront is nice. Make it to Port Townsend if you can. The backroads out that way are great. The ferry to West Seattle runs out of Southworth, which is the only way I would suggest travelling towards Seattle - I would avoid I-5 like the plague.

    If you like real Mexican food then go to El Pueblito on Harborview drive across from the city marina. If Jose is behind the bar, tell him that Nick (who drank Alaskan amber and hung out for karaoke some years ago) said hi.
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  4. Duh -
    The "Tides Tavern" - Along the waters edge - The Pizza rocks - and the beer was fresh!!
    Really not much to do in GH proper - agree with others to get out and about...
    If you have wheels and time, the view from the top of Hurricane Ridge out of Port Angeles on a clear day is stunning - even more fun if you can rent a BIKE for the trip...
    A four hour trip around Hood Canal is another fun way to spend an early AM or late afternoon - You will soon understand why we all live HERE!!
    Enjoy Puget Sound on your trip.
  5. Yes! go to The pube for sure! Tell Jose, Armondo or Tavo Lacy sent you! They will hook you up with some great food. Sit in the bar :) You missed a great parking lot party they had on Saturday night! Ohh that was fun.
  6. Yes! go to The pube for sure! Tell Jose, Armondo or Tavo Nick and Lacy sent you! They will hook you up with some great food. Sit in the bar :) You missed a great parking lot party they had on Saturday night! Ohh that was fun.
  7. The LeMay car museum next to the Tacoma Dome can be an interesting few hours.
    They just opened a few months ago.
    I stopped by for the bike show they had out on the lawn a couple weeks ago.

    The Swiss tav about 10 blocks away has fairly good food and live music most nights.

    The Glass museum down on the Tac waterfront is a good spot to hang out too.
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  8. Jogging or walking the tac narrows bridge is sweet! Pm me and i can tell u where to park the closest. You can def kill an afternoon in downtown gig.

    What king of things do u like? Do u have a car?
  9. Yeah, I will have my truck (was possibly thinking of loading the bike but am not sure what my time constraints will be). I am taking a distilling workshop at a new distillery there so I may be a bit spirited up more then not. I know for a fact that I hate sightseeing/tourist stuff so I will probably not be checking out museums and I probably do not want to drive to the Seattle proper to battle with traffic.

    I was thinking more of good eating spot (sounds like Mexican is a go). Fishing rivers/lakes/bay(?), Possible good twisties if I load the bike? Any good Brewpubs that make their own? I'm pretty much mentally preparing for a week of long afternoons/evenings of boredom but I thought there might be a chance to get out and do some stuff....

    FYI, I like long walks on the beach, body jello shots, and taking photos of myself in the mirror to post on facebook :thefinge:

    never been there but they make good beer. a co worker of mine goes there often to fill up his steins.
  11. This - and it is right next door to your hotel. Great Beer!
  12. By expense account you must mean my wallet? crackup:

    7 Seas - great micro beer? Stumbling distance from 'home'? That's what I'm talking about folks!!!!!
  13. I have not been to the 7seas but have heard great things about their brew!

    There is a brand new brewery on the water in port orchard, about 20-25 min from your hotel. its called Slaughter County. I have not had any of their brew because it sells out in a matter of a few days...

    Fishing wise...Lots of salt water salmon fishing at various places off the beach (waders required). lake fishing is just trout and boring imo...

    If you are going to be here later this week its supposed to be 80+ degrees, might want the bike to explore.
  14. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    Drink. A whole freaking lot.
  15. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    If it's food you want, head down to the Uptown Center. There's the Blazing Onion for burger type fare, Fondi Pizzaria for Neapolitan pizza, Panera Bread for deli sandwiches, and Cutter's Point Coffee for good (not Starswill) coffee. Across the street you will find the Sunset Grill for a mixed bag or chow or Moctezuma's for fairly decent Mexican.

    If you starve you are pickier than Morris the Cat.
  16. Check.
  17. This place sounds like it may be good for a few days worth of visits. Good Coffee too eh?....Thanks!
  18. SUP!
    "Lee's SUP" hut is right there in the 1st harbor as you take the left along the waterfront.
    Stand up paddle in the bay is fun, and easier than you think, even drunk!

    If you head out of town, left at the 1st 'Y', there's good cheap food at the.. the.. help me out here, locals-


  19. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    That would be the Hy-Iu-Hee-Hee
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