VW Jetta Autocrosser - $4500

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Dubnut, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. :ninja: Complete Sleeper Car :ninja:

    or sale: 1988 VW Jetta GL 4 door..
    Digifant car.. 5 speed, about 130,000 on car
    Dark Green, needs a little work.... Make a great autocrosser, or cup car

    Parts List:
    Custom ram air intake
    Custom Euro fenders
    Euro front big bumper (weighs 5lbs)
    Bonrath badgeless grille
    Single large round headlight/front end conversion, w/city lights installed
    Euro smoked front turn signals, and Euro rear signals

    Bilstein HD front shocks w/Bonrath lowering caps
    Bilstein Sport 3-way adjustable rear shocks
    H&R Sport springs
    Full Polyurethane suspension kit installed
    Autotech 28mm front and 26mm rear swaybars (hollow, saves weight)
    Autotech lower K member stress bar
    Eurosport front and rear upper stress bars

    GLI master cylinder
    Euro spec 13x1 Cross Drilled, Slotted, Vented rotors up front
    Euro spec 9x1 Slotted, Cross Drilled rotors out back
    Aluminum finned calipers (good heat loss)
    Stainless braided brake lines all the way around
    This thing will stop on a dime...

    Engine and Exhaust:
    1.8L 8V, ported and polished head, Techtonics Tuning 266 cam
    Adjustable cam gear
    2.0L head gasket conversion
    2.0L windage tray/pan gasket conversion
    Eurosport 8mm plug wires
    Shaved Flywheel w/16V pressure plate
    4 into 2 into 1 downpipe, Techtonics Tuning 55mm high flow catylitic converter
    Techtonics Tuning 2 1/4 Stainless Steel Cat back exhaust with Borla muffler

    Other parts:
    Autotech short throw shift kit W/shift weight
    Lightweight Aluminum Rims currently with snow tires on
    Also have second motor, and full A/C system for car
    Have stock tail light assemblies as well as other parts

    Car is ready for a bigger motor, drop in a 2.0L crossflow, VR6, or 1.8T no problems...

    Hospital bills force sale..
    Over $7,000 invested, have all receipts.
    It still gets about 30mpg in current state, Interior is stock and very clean, full sized spare in trunk. Due to the brakes on the car no rim smaller than a 15 will fit.. Still 4 lug... No window tint.... good running car.

    Any more questions PM me.... I'm in Spokane right now and so is the car....
    and if you do want it, I can get you a bigger motor for it in about a month....
  2. BUMP! C'mon, somebody wants a race car.....
  3. 9deuce9rr

    9deuce9rr Bellingham's Photog

    Renton, WA
    pics do a world of wonders...... free bump tho
  4. tedg04

    tedg04 ted sux

    maybe with pics and umbrella girls
  5. Workin on pics.... anybody have a scanner I could bum?
  6. Im interested in the Jetta, Did you do all the work on it yourself? Id love to see some pics!
  7. All of the work on the car was done by yours truly.... over about a 4 to 5 year period... it's on it's second body, due to an ex-gf getting T-boned in it (never let a girl drive your car).... Like I said, If anyone has a digital camera and some time, I would gladly post some pics.
  8. BUMP - Price drop $3750.... She's gotta go.... If there is anyone up north with a digital camera... I could use some assistance with some pics....
  9. tedg04

    tedg04 ted sux

    I have one in Spokane....
  10. Poor Volkswagen, A ralley car honestly?? Lets use hondas for that!
  11. I fully agree however Hondas have a tendency to fall apart if driven hard.... VW's don't.... It would be better as a spec racer than a rally car.

  12. Alright very true

    Also you got any pictures of this beast?
  13. Also have you ever heard of vwvortex.com? Its my other favorite internet site besides this one. They have classifieds in there forums that are pretty good, plus the break it down by generation ex. MK1 classifieds, MK2 etc.. good luck with sale
  14. where are you i have a digital camera and can host the pics for you (hostdub.com)

    and definately post it up on the Vortex

    (I'm SoCal_GLI on the Vortex)
  15. my GLI

    and my 88 coupe

    the GLI is at Dreamwerks getting painted....its been there since the end of august
  16. Nice pics.... I'm 30 miles north of Spokompton right now.... And the sale might just be postponed for a few months..... Just got my hands on a whole bunch of tube stock and a 1.8T HeHeHe.... I think a cage and engine swap is in order...... not to mention a set of suicide doors in the rear... I like extensive work.... Unless somebody buy's it first.

    Thanks for the tip on vwvortex.com, I'll check it out definately.... I like that coupe..... nice color and rim combo for it.

    BTW if you know anybody looking, I've been scouting wrecking yards and whatnot around the state... and I can get a few VW's pretty cheap....

    Older Toyota's, Honda's and Mitsubishi's too....

    AND just for anyone interested... I know where there is a Levin AND a Trueno sitting right now..... and they are BOTH for sale...... I got the hook-ups... :)

    What color are you doing your GLI BTW?
  17. Dolphin Grey Metallic

    spokane is too far...
  18. :angry7:

    looks like my search for a miata race car continues. :thefinge: jk

    but in all seriousness, i'm looking for a small rwd project car. you mentioned:

    what's the condition / pricing on these guys? else if you spot a miata, cheap (ideally a 92+ with LSD but i can add my own into a 90+), that would be schweeeeet :)
  19. Most of the cars I'm finding in yards are pretty decent minus some interior, or mabye a window.... Racing dosen't require interior, so it's no biggie...

    as for price, anywhere from $200 to $550 average....

    The Trueno and the levin both aren't in driveable condition.... but that is easily remedied..... ( I like being able to fix things that are broken )

    Also, check impound and police auctions, you would be amazed at what you can find.

    Dolphin Grey? My original color for my Jetta was Ascott Grey.... how close of a match is that in color?
  20. BUMP - $3000.00, It's just sitting here waiting to be driven away.....

    I really have to bite the bullet on this one....
    I've got another kidney stone on the way, 9mm this time....
    The bills are piling up....

    Still no camera tho
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