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WA State Patrol VIN inspection - no title process

Discussion in 'Westside' started by AleHole, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Just picked up a basket case CB750 from a member here (thanks Jim!) and have NO paperwork. Has anybody ever done the VIN inspection and 3 year wait process with the State Patrol? I have heard many times "just take it down to get inspected" but never heard of anyone that has actually done it. I am just wondering what to expect when I take this thing down there with no papers at all...
  2. Did you run the vin to make sure it is clear? That's the first step...

  3. Yes.

    First thing first. You have to call the DOL in Olympia. there may even be a form to fill out. I think you fax it to them. or they fax back? something like that. They will tell you if the bike has ever been registered in WA. if it has, i think they give you that info, and you have to send the last registered owner a release of interest form via registered mail. If they get it, they may sign and return to you. then you will be all good and get a title (i think). If the letter comes back to you, don't open the letter. Take it to the DOL. If it comes back never registered in WA state before, then you get the inspection.

    If you have to get it inspected, call the state patrol office that does it. they will schedule you an appointment. They will run the VIN and engine serial numbers to ensure not stolen. You take THAT paperwork to the DOL, pay tax, title fees, and reg fees, in addition to the inspection fee ($75 i think). Then you get the 3 year temporary ownership form.
  4. galenernest

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    Bingo. Been there, done that.

    Usually, the DMV will tell you everything you need to do to get some temporary paperwork on a vehicle.

    I've been through the State Patrol inspection a few times... it's relatively painless, and free.

    Good luck.
  5. I had the numbers checked and they do not exsist in the wash. data bank...
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  6. Oh Jim, this was your bike?

    Then yes, actually not too bad, if no data found in Washington DOL records.
  7. How did you get it free? I had to pay 75 bucks?!?!?!?!?!
  8. OK so Jim ran the numbers and its never been registered in WA. So do I still need to go to the DOL or can I just go to the inspection? Do I need proof its never been registered in WA?
  9. I'm going through this with my 77 TS 250B. Basically wjhat Pete said is correct. You contact the DOL, they'll send you forms. Fill them out and return them. If they have a registration record, they send you the names and addresses of the registered and legal owners, who you have to write and get a release from. If there is no record, they tell you there are no records and that you are clear to get an inspection. Once you have clearance to get the inspection, you make an appointment with the State Patrol and get your bike inspected. Assuming nothing comes up as stolen, you get a slip from them. You take that to your local DOL office and register the bike in your name. Once you have it registerd in your name for three years, you can apply for the title.

    Be prepared to pay through the nose for your registration, they charge you extra for the State Patrols inspection. I paid almost as much for the registration, sales tax, inspection, and collector plates, as I paid for the bike (which was only $200).
  10. I can't give you all my secrets cuz then you would know as much as I do ..... Plus I get ton's of bikes and therefor I have to keep up on these things so that I don't get caught up in drama.... But I'm not saying that he will not have to pay the 75 bucks, cuz I did mine unoffically and his will have to be offically done.
    I also suggested taking the numbers of the plate the is from oregon and trying to track down the owner there. It may be easier....Just a thought
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  11. Well Jim said the numbers came up clean and never registered in WA so it looks like I am clear for the inspection. Thanks for the help everyone. I will try to update this thread once I get going on this later this week.
  12. To have the 75 bucks paid...not sure on that....
  13. The way I understand it is that when you go for the inspection you don't have to pay. When you go to the DOL, thats when they charge you for the inspection plus whatever registration fees are?
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    The State Patrol inspection was free the last time I did it. And my little brother just did that last year for free. But, that's with a referral from the DMV. So, if the DMV says you have to do it, it's free. And with an appointment.

    Maybe if you just show up without a referral they charge? I've always had the DMV send me there...

    Edit: maybe the DMV just builds it into the registration charge? I know that neither of us cut a check directly to the State Patrol, though.

    DMV fees definitely weren't free! :)
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  15. This

    You pay when you register, not at the inspection site.
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    For clarification (so folks reading this won't go to the wrong office)

    DOL: Department of Licensing. It has NOTHING to do with vehicle registration. This is for your driver's license/ID cards/motorcycle endorsement, ETC.

    DMV: Department of Motor Vehicles. It has EVERYTHING to do with vehicle registration. Tabs, titles, ETC.
  17. There is no DMV in Washington, there is only the DOL. Vehicle registration is handled by licensees that administer the program for the DOL. The DOL offices themselves don't handle vehicle registrations, they only handle licensing.

    For this process though, do yourself a favor and just contact Olympia. The only thing you want to do at the local office is actually get your registration.
  18. Awesome thread!

    What exactly does the WSP inspection involve? You need to have the bike working, with good brakes, turn signals, lights, etc?
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    You can haul the bike into the WA State inspection on the back of a truck. They aren't inspecting its functionality.

    And, to address nancejd's post: in Vancouver, WA, we have seperate DMV and DOL offices. That's why I posted a clarification. It may vary from city to city in Washington, but in my city, there are a number of DMV offices and a number of DOL offices. I think there is only one office that combines the DMV and DOL services in Vancouver. The rest are absolutely separate. So, you can go to the DOL, take a number, and wait in line for an hour only to find out that you've gone to the wrong office.
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    Not true as it relates to physical locations. See my above post.