Walla Walla Riders: Sound Off!

Discussion in 'Walla Walla' started by beansbaxter, Mar 28, 2008.

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    A few of the Walla Walla riders asked for it, so here it is. This is for the Walla Walla area of WA...

    Easy to pass along to fellow riders in the Walla Walla area - just tell them www.wallawallariders.com

    Post up and introduce yourself - tell us something about you and what kind of motorcycle do you ride. And if you got them, let's see a pic of your bike.
  2. I ride. I'm from walla walla
    2003 TL1000R
  3. Welcome to the forum! We have a ride that is being scheduled for Monday!
    Let us know if you want to join us.

    PS Oh and nice ride !
  4. im only in WW on the weekends. work has me in spokompton during the week
  5. Alright! Well feel free to stop and talk if you see me around town.
  6. im in town today, the sun is out, i wshed the bike, checked the chain, lubed it, gassed it and now its sitting in the driveway...
  7. I live in College Place, go to Walla Walla University, and ride about every day now that it's nice... There's also a group of about 6 guys from school that I ride with regularly, the ones who aren't complete morons...

    hey look! Main Street! (and one with me in it. if you see me, say hi!)

  8. Tom those are some cool pictures man. Some of the best I have seen on this site. I really like the helmet too. See ya around.
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  9. you better not be including me in that quote tom :mrgreen::thefinge::nana:mfclap:

    I live in walla walla and, like tombodad, go to walla walla university. i took two years of autobody at the community college and now i'm taking auto mechanics and business at walla walla. i actually bought my bike from a shop in Maine and had it shipped out here and it was still cheaper than a friend of mine who bought a gixxer down in pendleton.

    Hopefully, within the next few months or so, i'll have a paint booth up so if anyone needs anything painted............

    Pictures of the bike... i need to go out and take more, but i gotta wash the bike again first.

    this is just after bringing it home
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  10. Nice ride! Hope to see you around!
  11. Hey all!

    I currently live in College Place and work at the AutoZone on 9th. I have a 2005 Yamaha FZ6 (my first bike). I moved back to the area about 4 months ago and had to wait 3 months til my bike got here. But now that I have it again, I ride it every chance I get.

    I've been itching to meet some other riders from around town and just heard about this site tonight. I was getting out of work and someone rode up and said I should check it out. From the picture of the bike, I think it was WilliamD.

    Here are a couple of low quality pics of my bike taken with my cell:
  12. nice bike man. welcome to the group. Im in autozone all the time... probably see you there!
  13. Hey That was me! I hate bothering people but I thought, what the hell, I will give it a try! Thanks for stopping by the site!
  14. Are you still in town? If you are we need to get a bike night going
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  15. Auto zone has full synthetic Mobil 1 moto oil! I had just bought part synthetic and found out too late! Im going to Auto Zone next time though.
  16. Always go to AutoZone first! I could have told you we carry full synthetic! :p
  17. Ok Well I finally took a few pictures of my bike using a real camera. I still want to take it out of town and shoot some with the Blue Mt.s in the background.
  18. Moved back to the area in August and am always looking for someone to ride with. The guys I used to ride with were always willing to wait for me, so if you're willing to allow a slow female to tag along...

    Right now I ride a Katana 600 but am thinking about trading up to something fuel injected, maybe CBR?
  19. last i checked, we are all slow too
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