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wanted to sell...traded instead

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by jkatk3v, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. I have 4 two wheeled vehicles in the garage (+ 2 cages in the winter) and it was getting difficult to move everything around. The scoot was my daily driver because I only drive 3 miles roundtrip through town for work. But I wasn't riding my other bikes as much as I goodbye scooter. So I decided to sell the scoot (Schwinn Newport 150).

    Just started talking about it at work and had some interest but no takers. Then I get an offer for a trade.

    Get rid of this


    And add this to the collection



    1-owner 1990 YZ490

    It needs some TLC and cosmetic work but runs strong and doesn't leak a drop of anything.
    Since it is off road only I park it in my buddy's garage out of town where we ride.

    Freed up space in the garage and still added a bike to the collection, definitely a win :mfclap:

    Bonus...I even have the manuals

  2. Those YZ490's defined bad-assness! My first ride on one scarred the bejeebus out of me,

  3. How do you figure you freed up some room? There is the male thought process at it's finest. :nana
  4. I am rid of the scooter and the 490 is stored somewhere else. 1 less in the garage. Math 101 :evil4:
  5. Works for me, but I'm not male. Is that a problem?
  6. Very nice, but what are you gonna do when you realize you could of had a falcon. :shock:
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