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washougal vids.

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by crxracer98328, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. had a blast at washougal. after sneaking in 40 beers and 2 750s of rum we got our party started at 6pm the friday night until 330am after a crowd gathered around our ghetto tent/camp site lol. woke up at 7 to Tarah Gieger ripping around us in the grass so we got up and went for coffee. on our way we ran into josh grant getting out of his rental car a brief conversation with him and my buddy got a picture with him and we moved on. about 5 mins later we ran into tony alessi and chopped it up with him for a bit about mike. later before 450 moto 1, two of my buddies where able to some how get right behind the starting gates. my friend dwight actually talked to allessi and tould him "he had this shit" gave him a fist pump then allessi went to his gate. which of course he ended up winning. he also talked to dungey and ken roczen before there motos to before finally being discovered and moved out of the starting area. here is a couple vids of what i got.
  2. It was such a perfect day. Not to hot, plenty of hot a$$ walking around, great 1st moto 450 batttle and watched Weston Peick & Vince Friese going fists-o-cuffs over a bad pass during practice. It was awesome.

  3. first video 31 seconds in pay close attention
  4. you like that lol. total accident though
  5. thank you my friend
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