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Watch out for the bumpers at the Ridge

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by dawtips, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. At the WMRRA rider's meeting, it was called out that the bumpers are starting to degrade and shouldn't be ridden on, as it could lead to problems. Here is what happened me to me last week as I ran right up on the edge of one.
  2. Maybe you should not ride on the bumpers. It could lead to problems.

  3. YUP! Stay off the "bumpers"! :secret:

    Great seeing you out there and thanks for all your help manning the corners both days! :mfclap:
  4. Anytime! Congrats on graduating. You looked great out there.

    Yup, I got too close and it was completely my fault.
  5. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    Shit don't tell him that, it'll go sraight to his head.
  6. X-Large helmet already on order 8)
  7. Your camera came off and tumbled to a hault. Then it flipped over again a second later. WTF
  8. I told him the same thing yesterday. The race I timed from T7, he was consistent in putting down 1:49. I should have timed you too for comparison. :nana

    Jared ~ what corner was that in?
  9. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    You didn't see it? The rider kicked it as he was hauling ass on two feet to get off the track.
  10. Oh. I guess I went all Ray Charles for a second there.
  11. Bike+name=handle

    now i know who you are

    Thanks for helping out at the Ridge this past weekend
  12. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

    I did it for you. Much faster than Steve crackup:

    And you didnt wave at me after my second place finnish in the twins race. Sad panda.
  13. I kinda like bouncing of off those "bumpers"... but I also like drifting my rear tire into the dirt coming outta 16. :mrgreen:
  14. Hey, I got some video of you the newest fast guy...sadly, it wasn't much :tard:

    Great running with you out there this weekend and well, I'm glad I won't see you in the same classes as me anytime soon unless you downgrade to a little 600 8)

    See you at Pacific??
  15. Damn, how did your track suit/bike look after that? The camera angle makes that look way more crazier than it probably was. Did ya continue on after that?

  16. Video of my dirtride? lol

    Yes, I'll be @ Pacific for the next round... probably going a little slower than @ The Ridge.:roll:

    btw, there is a 600 out in my garage... just no 250's... well no 250 4 strokes.:secret:
  17. Why is it you'all like to video your own butts?

    We can't see were your going, tell what happen unless you tell us all in all, it worthless and a bit ghey.
  18. I just looked again, and YES I did catch that! LOL!!! I'll get it to you somehow, will have to upload it.
  19. Sweet!... Sometimes having a little luck is better than skill, eh?:mfclap:
  20. I had a similar moment on the same corner/bumper but luckily wasn't leaned over nearly as much and got through it. Made for an 'oh shit' instant though.
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