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Watch out for the OTHER GUY!

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by TallKid, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. That's a horrible thing... I hope they arrested that truck driver... Making a U turn on the highway?! Bet the guy didn't even look, just figured "I'm in a truck and to hell with everyone else." Toss him into general pop and tell the gangs he's a kiddie toucher.

  2. Might need to mount a rifle on my bike soon.
  3. KevinD

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  4. updated: John Sanderson, 59, of Spokane

    RIP :-(

    Sanderson's wife and child were following him in a car and were witnesses to the crash. They were all heading to Newport for the funeral of Sanderson's mother, Dolores, who passed away on August 20.

    wow, I can't even imagine what they're going through.
  5. In addition to the maximum allowable penalty possible, each of these folks should be made to ride MCs as their primary transportation and forced to attend the funerals, AND forced to visit the immediate family once a week for at least a year to do what the family needs given the loss of their loved one.

    Any other appropriate penalties you can contribute?

    RIP and anger as senseless death.

  6. Just like the many cages that turn left in front of motorcycles and bicycles, this person will just claim they didn't see em, and will probably get off easy.

    They should automatically be charged with some degree of manslaughter (unlike the lesser ticket of improper turn that they are usually given, if a ticket is issued at all), and then be required to prove otherwise.

    But, they won't as the American society does not care as much as the rest of the world does for others that are not in 'proper' vehicles.
  7. Below is quoted from the news article

    "Briggs said motorcycle riders have to assume they are invisible to other drivers on the road.

    "There's a lot of times drivers of vehicles don't see motorcycles. It's just one of those things that unfortunately happens, and again, unfortunately, this is a pretty tragic event, and it's very sad," he said."

    So that effing makes OK then to kill bikers MFSOB :rant:rant
  8. "It's just one of those things that unfortunately happens"

    Stupid people on the road unfortunately happens. RIP, rider.
  9. :rant. That's that shit that make you want to punch a bitch in the face...RIP
  10. I wonder if they would use this same line of BS the next time an officer is shot to death in the line of duty.

    As Police we all know we are targets, and we knew it the when we took the job, we should only charge the criminal with discharge of a firearm within the city limits.
    After all, the police man was trying to stop him from making a living in his chosen line of work, think of the poor criminals children, with there mother using there food stamps to by beer and smokes, how else are the kids to eat?

    I surely hope the above offended the reader, it is not how I feel toward our brave men and women in blue, but the officer in the story is wrong with what he said, and that driver needs to be charged with vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving.
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