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Watch out for this car

Discussion in 'Westside' started by D675Freak, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. This guy was flipping me off on 167 and getting all sorts of pissed in his car, then he does a little swerve towards me so I dropped 3 gears and took off in the empty carpool lane while looking for a stater.

    He caught up to me somehow on an exit and drove up and parked his car blocking my path. I wish I had just got off my bike and let him decide whether it's a good idea to fight someone wearing a suit of armor and a helmet, but I turned and went around the stopped cars, and much to my enlightenment there is a Kent PD officer stopped at the red light. I honk and get his attention and stop my bike and walk over so he can hear me, and the offender stops behind me and waits.

    The officer instructs us to go to a shell station, and when we get there the guy has some made up story already prepared about how I was doing wheelies and swerving in and out of traffic, and that I cut a truck off(that I was behind? wut).

    The officer did not believe me one bit(even though I have a clean record) and took the drivers word for everything. He then made some excuse about a bank robbery, which may or may not be true, and took off. The other guy took off as well.

    tl;dr this guy was all butthurt that I was lucky enough to be riding a motorcycle on such a nice day and was flipping me off and swerved at me and chased me down, kent pd is useless and the one day i don't wear the gopro, is the day something happened - damn! It would have made a good youtube video.


    If you see him please use only your best RPGs.
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  2. I witnessed something nearly identical a few months ago coming northbound on 167 starting at the 277th on ramp.

    Rider was on a yellow sport bike and driver of very similar car (I recall it being silver) started to engage the rider who was legally in the carpool lane. At first I thought the two knew each other but the discussion between the two became animated and the rider flipped off the driver of the car.

    The driver then swerved toward the bike which obviously surprised him. He then juiced it to move ahead and away. The car tried to keep up and continue the confrontation but the bike ditched him about the time we got to the 84th / Central in Kent.

    I was in my car -er, "fucking cage" at the time and stayed back a bit extra in case there was bent metal.

  3. Yeah, you were doing wheelies and cutting off trucks, which is why YOU flagged down the cop to complain. I know plenty of cops, and have a lot of respect for most of them. But none of the ones I know are as fucking stupid as this donut muncher.
  4. I was heading up to Ft Lewis area to visit my son on my bike and had an issue where a guy in a white car not sure the make came up beside me while we were doing about 70mph yelling out his window. Like I could hear him with all the noise anyway. I pointed to my helmet and then gave the can't hear you gesture you know hand open pointing up and shoulder shrug. He then swerved towards me into my lane. I went very close to the divider avoiding him. I slowed to let him ahead and he slowed and swerved at me again. So I dropped two gears and spooled the bike up a bit got out ahead of him he tried to keep up but my 2 cylinder was a little faster than his 4 cylinder. I took the first exit and guess what he followed me I pulled into a grocery store parking lot and yep he followed me again. When he got out he had a closet pole about 3 foot long in his hand. Dude was mental for sure. As he approached me with the stick swinging around over his head unknown to me a Washington Stater was witnessing the confrontation. I was in gear so bring it on right. The cop hit the siren when I decided to unholster my 40. The guy with the stick pissed literally pissed his pants before the cop intervened. The guys issue he told the cop was I was doing wheelies and stunting. The cop laughed at him and said wheelies and stunting on a PC800 right. The officer escorted the A-hole away in cuffs. Oh yeah he asked for my concealed permit as I had Oregon plates, gotta love the Utah Concealed permit :)~~
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  5. Herpderp god people can be dumb. That's Hella funny though. Pisses his pants AND got arrested. Shitty day for that dude for sure. And even if somebody was stunting, nobody has the right to run you off the road for it. Wtf are these people thinking?
  6. You think that is funny this was the dialog
    Me "What you gonna do with that stick?"
    Him "I gonna split your skull!!"
    Me "Really you are threatening my life?"
    Him "Damn Straight Fucker!!"
    Me "All I needed to hear"
    Remove 40 from holster draws on A-hole
    Him "wait a minute man What the Fuck, (drops stick, holds hands out as a dont gesture and pisses pants) dude don't shoot"
    Me Hears cop siren and PA saying put the weapon down. so gingerly place my 40 on ground stepping away from it hands up.
    That was our confrontation makes me laugh every time.

    It is a Springfield XD police model 40 cop even said nice weapon when he picked it up to secure it. Also commented on my soft nose hollow points saying yep that would do the job.
  7. I would have gone to jail for beating his ass to a near coma state, or for brandishing a firearm, one of the two!
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  8. So what caused the asshole to start flipping you off and get "all sorts of pissed"? You bang his wife? Swerving towards you was a bad move, glad you're in one piece. Props for getting away and finding a cop. If he was raging that bad, sadly he will probably do it again.
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  9. Can you make a formal complaint to the Kent PD? Cops to no realize that road rage is real - and people on 2 wheels are very vulnerable.
  10. I'd take someone on with a stick, especially with my full gear. I wonder if it's the same guy, and he just has a hate-on for bikes? If he carries the stick in his car, it seems like he goes out looking for trouble.
  11. He said I cut a truck off, when in reality it was a semi that almost merged into me without signaling that was no big deal as I braked the second I saw him coming over. This was 167 at 5:30pm so he likely travels it frequently. Hope somebody sees him and does 'recon'.

    Planning on it. It was a "detective" as well, who didn't do much detecting.

    Might be. I hope somebody gives him some concealed trouble after he tries something on the wrong person.
  12. HE can't get it up. vtr2:
    These people are coo coo for coa coa puffs. I've had it happen to me too, but the guy tried to ram me on hwy 17 in Santa Cruz. I was already in the fast lane when i passed that loser.
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  13. If I drove a POS Altima I'd be pissed off too.
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  14. +1:spoton:
  15. I can vouch for this, i drove one just like that for a while...HORRIBLE cars...
  16. I was thinking the same thing.

  17. For those of you that carry while riding. Do you open carry or CC most of the time? Where do you keep it?
  18. I saw it happen on the exit from 167 to state 516 (Kent-Des Moines Road.) I notice the Nissan blocking a sport bike like the one in your avatar. I was driving a white Ford Econoline van about three cars back. That is all I saw. I never gave it a lot of thought until read this thread. I doubt I will be much help as a witness since the Kent Police are well known for being "peacocks".
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  19. Haven't bothered to open carry. But I know those who do regularly. And I used to.

    One of the only real reasons for a shoulder rig is riding if you ask me. Fobus makes a cheap, indo-structable plastic and nylon that works for my G27, G22 and Springfield Champion. But not all at the same time.
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