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We got hit by lightning

Discussion in 'Bend' started by MayDay, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. So do any of you know of anyone house that has been hit by lightning? Well you do know SHIT!!! it makes a mess of the roof. The big Sukey part about it is it took out the TV, Surround Sound,Receiver,5 Disc. DVD player,wireless Router and the Modem. It took out 6 light in the house pop 4 breakers and I think the power from the bolt came out the wall in the kitchen because it left a hole in the wall the size of a dime. I was only 2 feet from the hole :scared What a loud sound it made. I'm so glade my family did not get hurt.
  2. well now i can honestly say i don't know shit! glade you guys are okay. hopefully your bike is too

  3. Is the hole near a faucet or phone? That stuff is scary...and you might want to check your house ground system...if its working properly, none of that should happen.
  4. +1 on the grounding.

    We had some bad lightning a few months back. The only issue I had though was my sprinkler system wasnt grounded properly. The sprinkler timer got fried. $200 for a new timer, all because of $5 worth of copper wire.:banghead:
  5. :scared Glad your Ok thats scary. It will come right out of your electrical outlets and shoot across a room. This happened to my cousin, burned a hole in her leg be glad it was your wall. We have had our Apple tree hit 3 times by lighting in the past 19yrs. Weird the shortest tree in the yard and its hollow. Again glad your OK sorry it took your electronics....MrsD
  6. Iv seen a bolt spiral down a big oak in Nor Cal once.
  7. dayuuum!

    glad you are ok.

    ya, check the grounding, fo sho
  8. We had a squirrel take the wrong shortcut across the transformer last winter. Fried our VCR, microwave, and messed up our computer. The squirrel, too, I presume.
  9. Dude! Glad all is ok. Is the home owner gonna make it right or is it all on you.
  10. No its all me. Have a guy coming out on Wed. to check out all the stuff. My insurance comp. needs it on paper.
  11. Sorry about your cousin. This could have been really bad, if the roof did not hang over as it does it would have hit the gas meter.
  12. Crappy luck. :( Glad to hear you and your family are ok. But just think, now you have an awesome story to tell and no one got hurt in it!
  13. KillermondoDude

    KillermondoDude Intellectually Sphinctered

    All dressed up and nowhere to go...

    I was struck by lightning walking down the street
    I was hit by something last night in my sleep
    It's a dead man's party Who could ask for more
    Everybody's comin', leave your body at the door
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