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Weather Warriors (The Ridge)

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by Seattle, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Definitely interested if the weather cooperates, will have to see how this develops.

  2. As owners go, Rod is very cool. This is just one example of many, as may be attested to by other promoters.
  3. This is really cool, and creative to make a track useful all year long. I too will be interested.
  4. Wow great idea, I'm all over this
  5. That's really cool. I love the forward thinking.
  6. I think it's a pretty good idea. But I was curious about how mixed days (cars + bikes) would work with the rainout. I assume there are conditions that would be a rainout for bikes but not for cars. Would they just cancel and refund the motorcycle sessions? Or would they let the bikes run anyway?

    The response I got was:
    "It will totally depend on how many cars are signed up. If we have enough to pay for services, then yes we could go ahead. We have to break even on the cost of safety crews."​

    Which, I think, means: we're not going to run bikes if it's not safe. And if not running bikes means we can't break even then we'll cancel the cars too.
  7. Emailed!

    We'll have to get a group here in the Portland area that could coordinate shared transport.
  8. Good idea, I would be interested. I only have a small pickup but have I can always borrow a trailer for it as well if that helps. :mrgreen:
  9. I can haul 3 bikes total, so if we get a clear, beautiful Wed-Thurs-Friday, I would jump!
  10. What condition would be considered a rain out for bikes but not cars?

    If I show up to a day and it starts raining, I'm putting rain tires on and not being a pussy. I can't think of any wet condition where its safer for one type of vehicle vs the other.
  11. except cars dont fall over.

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    Signed up. This might be fun!
  13. I'm not an expert on car track days. I've never done one. But judging by my own decisions about when to go fast in car vs when to go fast on the bike vs when to go slow, I'd say there's a certain amount of water that's acceptable in a car that's not acceptable on a bike.

    But maybe that's just me.

  14. ahhhhh, makes sense...?

    Me, I go faster on a bike in the rain than I do in a car. But I'm not an expert on either......maybe its just me.
  15. So much want! I may just do this good find!
  16. So, a bit of clarification. This particular "mixed" day may, or may not, be a "one off". What we want to happen is for users to meet and greet each other, share our common bond. Which means, I gotta yak you up at lunch.

    I also want the turn workers and safety crew involved as well. My goal is for all of us to become not only familiar, but interdependent, upon each other. We are, you may or may not know, an industry segment. And we are a minority, I don't care of you ride bikes, drive cars, or play with boats.

    We are recreational users of energy, attempting to usher in a new era of alternative energy by using up what we have :) (for those of you that have heard my theory, pass it along).

    Regarding rain out, my view is a rain out is a rain out. So, for instance, should Wednesday before Black Friday call for an 80% chance of rain, were done, and we call it off. Everyone gets their money back.

    If it begins to rain during the day, we ride it out for an hour or so. If it looks to continue, we call the day, and refund a proportionate amount.

    I do mean real rain of course, not wet fog

    The safety and turn worker crews will work with us on this. The intent is two fold.

    1. Have fun, and keep our sport "top of mind" in the off season

    2. connect the community in a way that might not ordinarily happen.

    You have probably seen me write this before, but I believe it to my very core.

    We either pull the oars together, or we drown individually.

    And this should be fun, not difficult, and something you want to do over and again. That way, I can keep food on the table ;-)

    RP and TRMG Team
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2012
  17. I am very excited about this. Signed up!
  18. Cold, wet, off-season track days shared w/ go-carts and cages???

    email sent!
  19. Replied and email sent as well!
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