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Weaving in your lane

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Bondy3, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    sometimes I like to weave back and forth in my lane, either to heat up my tires or because I'm listening to music and semi-dancing while I'm riding. I stay within my lane and I don't defy the speed limit, but I'm all over my lane. sometimes I get really into it and can get a decent amount of lean in (especially when listening to Justin Bieber... don't judge me)

    One of my friends recently told me that weaving within my lane can be considered stunting, and stunting is illegal and I could get into trouble from the cops.

    Do you weave within your lane?
    Is it illegal?
  2. I will sometimes weave in my lane... not because I am listening to music.... but because I am bored..... also not sure if it is legal either

  3. Agreed, I do it when I'm bored. Not sure if it's legal or not, but meh...I do it anyways.
  4. i posted this in the ask a leo section. and havent seen a answer yet.
  5. Jeez. Who doesn't when they're bored? (But I always check my mirrors first.)

    Sometimes I slalom around the centerline reflectors, too.
  6. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    I don't know if it's considered stunting but it can get you pulled over. Pretty sure a few folks on here could pipe in and tell you what their ticket said when they got nailed for it.
  7. A little weave in the lane can be enough to change the position of your headlight and wake that zombie motorist who is about to pull out in front of you. I have also done so when bored, or I think someone has forgotten that I'm there. It's our lane basically, if you aren't being excessive than it shouldn't be a problem. Leaned over and dragging a knee might be considered excessive.:devil: I would like to see a LEO's interpretation. Maybe I've been asking for it all these years and just been lucky.
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  8. I weave, it wakes me up. Not sure if it’s legal though.
  9. like everyone else said, not sure if it's illegal but i'd just keep it reasonable until we hear an official cop answer or someone who's been pulled over for it

    btw... weaving doesn't efficiently or effectively warm up your tires, just provides more probability for an accident if tires are cold... just saying.
  10. The only time I weave is to avoid potholes or manhole covers and then return to the position of line I was riding in.

    I know you are new, I dont want to be a dick, so don't take this the wrong way, but...

    1)Weaving isnt effective at heating tires. Alternating between hard acceleration and braking heats up motorcycle tires.

    2)You probably shouldn't be so zoned out that you are really into your music and "dancing" on your bike

    3)It is illegal in WA to have non-DOT approved headphones one. So you could be ticketed for listening to music while riding if your headphones are the typical shelf bought brand.

    4)The entire lane is yours, but you are giving yourself a reason to be stopped with headphones in. And I guess the cop could consider that reckless or endangerment. You are also going to freak other motorist out and might be pulled over thinking you are drunk or high.

    just my .02
  11. This +1

    An urban legend that continues to live apparently. Accelerating and braking warms tires. Weaving within a lane...very little.

    Physics, folks.
  12. I just don't see this going well for you. Weaving leads to being pulled over which leads to a ticket for wearing head phones which then leads to a savage beating at the side of the road and some tazer time for listening to Justin Bieber. I have consulted the magic 8 ball and it keeps coming up with "it is decidedly so" every damned time. Sorry.
  13. I dance on my motorcycle all the time while remaining focused on traffic. It's when I have one hand on my hip staring straight forward that I am "zoned out."

    The RCW states you cannot have earbud's. While I still use them at least I know the law says I can use whatever brand/model I want as long as they aren't inserted into my ear.
  14. +1 on this. next time a cop pulls you over or confronts you, based on their past displays of 'rational thought' for 'properly' assessing the situation, you might want to immediately drop your pants, get down on the ground, hands behind your head, and say loudly, "please be gentle!"
  15. I do it when I'm bored. I dont listen to headphones when riding, the exhaust note is better than music.
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  16. Inline.

    EDIT: Also there was a thread on this, and the only law I saw was something about keeping control of your vehicle. It was like a reckless law. Bottom line, it's entirely up to the officer whether he thinks you were in control of your vehicle and just keeping it interesting/"warming up tires" or you're a drunk noob about to donate a few organs.
  17. I agree with the fat wrestler sitting at the computer.

    even if he is a dick.
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  19. :tiphat:
  20. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    +1 But don't lift a tire while doing so, wheelies and stoppies are definitely illegal! :angry7: "Weaving", even within your lane, is probable cause to stop you, I believe?
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