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Wed Bike Nites at D&M

Discussion in 'Ellensburg' started by berylnitrate, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Is anyone ready to start weekly bike nights on Wednesday night? 2 nice days in a row make me want to get out and ride. It's time to shake off winter and start enjoying our bikes again!

    D&M Coffee
    3rd and Pine
    6 PM

    Starts when?? 4/11? 4/18?
    Are there riders lurking in Ellensburg?
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  2. im lurking in ellensburg

  3. I have a class from 6-730 PM every weekday this quarter, so I won't be able to make that time! Maybe earlier?
  4. Also lurking in ellensburg im game.
  5. if its niceish i can make it next wed
  6. i will be there wed around 5:30
  7. Lurking and bike shopping....
  8. What are you looking for Kim? Still set on a white 600RR?
  9. If the weather holds out and I can get out of my late meeting, I'll be there about 5:30 today.
  10. Join us for a dinner ride to Yakima Wed 5/16. Kittitas ABATE is riding down to Boomers for ribs.

    Meet at Red Horse Diner, 1518 University Way. Kickstands up at 5:30 pm.

    If you can't make this ride, watch for more dinner ride announcements. Road Captain is planning a monthly dinner ride all season long.
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  11. Dan and I made it to D&M last night. Hope to see more riders as the weather warms up.

    Remember, dinner ride on 5/16 to Boomers in Yakima.

    Poker run and bike show this weekend. Let's ride!!
  12. Ahh I have been wanting to stop by ... but lately ive been getting off work at 530 and my class starts at 6 so it doesnt leave much room for schmoozing :(
  13. Ill try an make it on 5/16 post up in yakima so the yak crew can meet ya there
  14. Kittitas ABATE is riding down to Boomers in Yakima for ribs.
    Meet at Red Horse Diner, 1518 University Way.
    Kickstands up at 5:30 pm.

    If you can't meet at Red Horse, join us at Boomers!
  15. I'm a relatively new rider in Ellensburg and looking for some women who might like to ride during the day. Wondering when the next ABATE meeting is. Thought I might join that group.
  16. Hi! Welcome to PNWRiders.

    ABATE meetings are the first Tuesday of the month, at Buzz Inn on Canyon Road (just south of I-90). 6 pm social, 6:30 pm meeting. In the banquet room.

    Next meeting is June 5. We have several women who ride their own bikes.

    Please join us! Meetings are open to non-members.

    I have some flexibility in my day time schedule - send me a private message.
  17. +1
  18. Ill be there this wednesday! Summer is almost here!
  19. Heading over to D&M in a few minutes, am i gunna be all alone?
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