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Wednesday Night Bike Night in Snoqualmie!

Discussion in 'Westside' started by RumpigCBR, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Come hang out at Mike's Cascade Bar and Grill ( in Snoqualmie this summer - he's hosting a standing Wednesday night bike night! Great bar and food specials - plus he rides (Speed Triple) and loves having a ton of bikes out in front.

    Update: There will be a live Blues band playing this Wednesday night (June 10th) - Blues, Bikes, Burgers!

    Hey Snoqualmie/North Bend/Fall City/Carnation riders - let's show up en force and make bike night great and draw riders from all over the Sound!

    In so far:

    Snoqualmie Ed

    Driving Directions from I-90 Eastbound

    Take exit 25 (Hwy 18 exit) and turn left at the traffic light at the end of the off-ramp.

    Continue on Snoqualmie Parkway thru 3 more traffic lights, passing the Snoqualmie Police Dept on your right!

    Turn left onto Center Blvd at the stoplight.

    Mike's is on your left after 1 block.
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  2. So we are doing it this Wed (6/3) at say 5:30 or 6?

    Let me know if this sounds good :)

  3. IN for sure! It'll be closer to 6 for me. See everyone there.
  4. I'll be there at 6 and will bring name tags for everyone who posts up by 5 WED night, as well as blanks for those who decide last minute!
  5. Hrrrmmm.... I might be there if my other plans fall through (likely). If you see a fat guy on a 'Busa, that's me!
  6. BUMP, anyone else.....
  7. Bump - come on folks, Mike's a fellow rider and it's a great ride out to Snoqualmie and lots to explore once you are there....
  8. Anyone else from Issaquah want in on this????
  9. Bump - be there first to say you've always been one of the cool kids...
  10. new to the forum i live three blocks away and would love to stop by and meet some local bike riders
  11. Hey Snoqualmie Ed & welcome. Live by Cascade?
  12. about a half mile away right on top of the ridge. if ya listen around 11:30 pm most nights you can hear me and mr leovince going down the parkway towards the town( I try and keep it quiet enough that the home owners association doesnt recieve a complaint).
  13. We are right on the Parkway and was wondering who that was:ninja:

    Great sound btw:spoton:
  14. Welcome :wave:
  15. Welcome Snoqualmie Ed - see you there!
  16. Bump - beautiful day to ride, meet other riders, enjoy great food!
  17. IN, coming from puyallup. first bike night for me. black k8 750. ridiculously tall dude (6'8"). come say hi.
  18. littleq624

    littleq624 Chat Whore

    i dont believe in ridiculously tall people :(
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