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Weekday evening riding

Discussion in 'Northern ID' started by 25UNIFORM, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. So who wants to do some weekday evening riding, maybe get a monday or wensday night thing going for everyone to meet up. get a group going maybe a CLUB??? any ideas? Anthony ? Ken?
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  2. Your only across the street from me! You know I am down to ride withcha! What ever you suggest bro.

  3. can we sell cookies in our club and wear matching outfitscrackup:
  4. That would be awesome! Little cookies in the shape of sport bikes. Oh yea! :mfclap::evil4:
  5. I'd love to but I think I am down for the count for this season my back tire has maybe 400 miles left on it if I am lucky and I don't have any of my stuff up here to pull it off the bike to get it change and I am not paying a dealer 250 bucks for a tire I can get for 150 on line or at cycle gear and then another couple hours of there ridiculous labor costs just because I brought it in on the bike. So it looks like I will be finishing the riding season out on the dirt.
  6. You can't borrow a couple wrenches to take off the back wheel? Then drive to SPT and take in the tires and rim. I believe it's only like 45.00 at their yamaha shop by the mall if you bring in the tire and rim.
  7. Yeah my buddy has the tourque wrenchs and the socket I need but I can't find a rear stand up here anywhere and mine is in Boise. I am working on trying to get it here but it'll be a couple of weeks so who knows. I think I ate it up riding two up.
  8. Yea two up can do that to ya. I suggest going solo next time haha! Then you get to play harder, and stuff like that. However its nice to bring a black leather thong along for us riders to check out once in a while. Makes the day go by easier haha.
  9. And people always wonder why the old guy rides at the back of the pack all the time :evil4:
  10. so back to the cookies! what about a cake walk???
  11. I still like the idea PF riders! LOL, forget the cookies, and cake! Let's go with short wearing bikers club. LOL.
  12. Well whatever you do make sure you go to war with other sportbike clubs over the illegal girl scout cookie trade. Drive by's with Twinkies should be the manifesto of the club.
  13. Spokane riders meet at The Service Station every monday in north spokane. Lets roll up there with some Idaho riders.
  14. If it's after 6pm I can do weekday riding! Cookies rock!! HAHA, I like the whole drive by with twinkies and dingdongs. But please do not shoot any HOE HOE's at me! LOL
  15. if anyone is up for a last min. ride text:
    208 two 6 two-1747
  16. tomorrow nite sounds better for me
  17. if you guys ride tomorrow just text when/where
  18. will do. hopefully eaheer and 25uniform will go.
  19. I like Hoe Hoe's they go good with my nutz at night....
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