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Weekly Sunday Ride - No go this week

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by daleludington, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Good Afternoon Fellow Riders,

    Looks like rain tomorrow. Not that I mind the rain but I dont think anyone will show up tomorrow. So I am cancelling the ride for this week. Maybe next week.
  2. Why do you keep posting these rides if nobody actually responds to your threads?

  3. Good question. Just because people dont respond, does not mean that people don't show up. But I have noticed as this is the second negative response towards rides that I have posted that maybe I am not up to the standards of rides that people post. I just enjoy going on Motorcycle rides and enjoy the company of those who come. Please do respond if nobody is interested in these rides and I will quit posting them.

  4. Keep posting them Dale, this forum is for everyone to use as they see fit.
  5. Thanks Nakedrider I will do that. Not going to let a couple of people to deter me from meeting new people and going on some good rides. Keep the shiny side up!!
  6. I completely agree. Post them up. I read them... I don't respond, but I read them. One of these days I will get out there and make one of these rides.

    Doesn't hurt anyone to post... people miss out if you don't.

    Besides, this is PNW... unfortunately people whine a lot and say things here that they wouldn't say in person (or maybe they would, which doesn't really help either). :popcorn:
  7. Ditto - this is a MOTORCYCLE forum!!!
  8. DUDE. Seriously....?

    I know you guys are trying to promote love, peace, and equality, etc. And i understand you are trying to bring the dead zone of the Corvallis/Eugene section of the forum back to life. But this guy spams the SHIT out of Ride44 and PNW with his "Rides" constantly. Nobody ever responds, and he contributes nothing to the rest of the forums. I don't really see it helping the cause to bring back this section of PNW. In fact, us arguing on this topic will probably draw more attention to our section of the forum than his "ride posts".

    I'm not the first one to complain. Really it's not a huge deal, I was just asking him an honest question.

    Sure it may come off as snarky, sarcastic, cynical, and maybe a bit asshole-ish..... but thats only because you two know me :mrgreen:
  9. ................................................................................................[​IMG]
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  10. If you think he's spamming, report it to the mods - or if you're overly concerned about it, become a mod yourself.

  11. I agree it's a Motorcycle forum and everyone is free to post especially if it's motorcycle related!

  12. I love me some Spam...

    And dirty talk... Better yet, Spam and dirty talk.
  13. It did, but NOT because I know you.... I would have had the same response no matter who it is.
  14. +1
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