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Went for a chill ride through Michigan (pics inside)

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by blueline15, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Went for a ride today, thought I would share. Unfortunately my video camera is having either battery/firmware issues so it can't be used as of right now, so you're stuck with stills.

    About 100 mile round trip today.

    On to the photos:

    The snow gauge somewhere in Michigan.



    Somewhere in very northern Michigan. This stretch of the road is US41 and is also called the covered highway. It's 11 miles of very twisty road where the trees form a canopy over the road. Most of the road, the trees grow right to the edge of the road. This was one of the few straighter sections with a pull off I was able to get a few pics. Wish I had my video camera here.



    Copper Harbor, MI. Somewhere out yonder is Canada. The body of water is Lake Superior.



    Just outside Eagle Harbor, MI. Lake Superior in the background. And a shot of the road I'm on with a view of the lake the whole way.



    Between Eagle Harbor and Eagle River, MI. More Lake Superior. Absolutely beautiful.



  2. Looks really nice up there.

    I'll be in Michigan next week for 7 days. I'll be up in Gaylord by Boyne Mountain and also at Mackinaw City. I know that's still way south from were your at. My brother and I ate thinking about taking a ride up to the U.P.

  3. Right on! I spent the night in Mackinaw City. It's about 5 hours to get from there to where I am at. It's also like $3.50 or $4.00 or something to cross the Mackinaw bridge just so you know.

    If you guys come up here, and want to ride the shorelines of the Keweenaw peninsula, I'd be happy to escort you around. My work schedule is really flexible.

    Depending on the route taken, it's anywhere from an 80-130 mile loop. Let me know if you guys come up and want to ride.
  4. Wow, very nice! A couple of those shots look like you're on the ocean, not a lake. Incredible.
  5. Lake Superior is mind bottling.

    The size of Lake Superior is incredible. It's the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, and the third largest freshwater lake in the world by volume.

    There is enough water in Lake Superior to cover North and South America with about a foot of water.

    There is 2,726 miles of shoreline.

    In those pictures of the lake, somewhere 80-100 miles or more is the shoreline of Canada. You just can't see it on the horizon.

    It's also the reason for the insane amount of snow every winter. It produces lake effect snow.

    This is an older picture, but this picture was taken at 30X zoom of an oceanic cargo ship (massive ships). It's tiny still, in the middle of the lake.

  6. Thanks for sharing, it's nice to see what other parts of the country have to offer for riding and exploring.
  7. Crazy. The history behind the formation of the great lakes is fascinating.

    I'm likely moving to west side of Lake Michigan and look forward to exploring all the area has to offer. Thanks for the pics!


    Having lived in the NW for 11 years now I sometimes forget what the rest of the country looks like.
  8. You're welcome. I enjoy sharing places likely others haven't been.

    It is insane to think about it. Where are you moving? Chicago, Milwaukee, or Green Bay?

    I just got word yesterday the funding for my job was cut, so as of September 1st, I am unemployed and finally heading west. :)
  9. If everything goes as planned, I'll be working about 30 miles north of Chicago, so I'll look for a place to live a little farther north than that.

    Ah, we may pass each other moving along the way!
  10. Beautiful photos. I grew up and lived in Wisconsin for 28 years, the northwoods areas of Wisconsin and Michigan have some pretty nice motorcycle riding roads, shame the winters can be so long.

    Just got back from visiting my parent last week, found out where the summer weather was hiding, temps were in the mid to upper 80's with the humidity around 70%. Tempted to haul my bike back there the next time I go to visit to enjoy the nearly empty back roads north of where my parents live.
  11. Very cool. You'll have Chicago and Milwaukee to play at. They're about 100 miles apart. I can't want to get back to the PNW.

    That would be crazy if go by on the interstate. I won't be hard to miss. Giant, old, whit chevy truck towing a trailer with my SV on the back.

    Very cool! Yes, the winters can be long. Today's ride was at a very reasonable pace and was the first time I have done more then a 30 minute spin; since it has been about 7 months since I've last really ridden.

    Not too many cars out today. A few other bikes. It is nice, as the roads do not have much traffic up here either, and the route switches between 3 counties constantly, so you never see the sheriffs on the roads because of the county lines. They stay more where the people are. Staters only come out that way when called, and city police...forget about it. The roads are open.

    The weather has been very reasonable though, only a few hot, high humidity days!

    I encourage you to haul your bike back out!
  12. Lol, it will probably be around the same timeframe - September-ish.
  13. The one thing I love about being stationed in WA now is it reminds me a lot of Michigan, havent been home in about 2 -3 years, going to have to go back soon and take the kids to the Great Lakes.
  14. I'm from Gladstone, a small town near Escanaba. I miss the weather and the environment there for sure but not the local your a Yooper huh? lolz. been one of those since i was 2. I never did ride a street bike up there because i always rode dirtbikes everywhere even down streets..thats how chill my town was. So a sport bike was never a question. cool to see other people enjoying michigan!
  15. I was in Ithaca Thursday, is that anywhere near you?
  16. I'm not a yooper! Lol I'm a transplant from the PNW. I'm still a Washingtonian at heart, and leaving Michigan in 60 days.

    It doesn't take a big bottle.

    New York? About a 2 day drive.
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