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were is the best outdoor shooting range in spokane?

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by smokeu on my gixxer6, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. well i just picked up a brand new ak47 and a handgun ruger sr9, so i want to try them out, thanks in the advice for your input.rockets:rockets:rockets:rockets:
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  2. Somebody is gunna say it, so it may as well be me.

    This belongs on

  3. gravel pit just north of deer park.

    there aren't any outdoor ranges *in* spokane. at least not free ones. and paying a fee to be able to fire my weapon seems like a huge crock-o-shit to me.
  4. Out on Dishman Micha there is a long range range.
  5. In the West Central, Chestnut and Gardner will work. But watch out for returned fire!
  6. i called them and going out sat or next week i just ordered 1000 7.62x39 ammo for my ak47 so as soon as that gets in am outside :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  7. If you just want to shoot and have some fun i'd recommend Newman Lake. E. Hauser Lake Dr. just past N. Kath rd. Shoot all you want, it's free, has long sight lines, and a big hill in the background to catch all the strays. Might be a bit muddy this time of year though. rockets:
  8. no matter where you go...please watch your backdrop!!!!

  9. i wanna go. dammit. it seems like theres a bunch of houses on E Hauser Lake Rd. just past N Kath.
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  10. I'd better check back when this is finalized.

    I have a Dish TV dish I could use for target practice...
  11. Just go to deer park...its free...maybe ill go with ya
  12. were about in deer park? and sure lets go8)
  13. yeah where in deer park? directions? also i have an old computer that i might destroy.
  14. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    Just remember to pack out whatever you drag out there for shooting at, they are shooting spots not garbage dumps...

    I need to put some rounds thru my new glock 17 but want to wait till I have the threaded barrel for it.

  15. Yeah but the people that live right there owe me money so feel free. :twisted:
  16. It's not far from downtown deer park...I can't recall the streets but I know how to get there ...the guys at double eagle pawn are always willing to give directions as well. There's a ton of stuff out there to shoot at already.
  17. There is a great place up near nine mile that seems pretty popular to shoot
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