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We've all been down: share your experiences

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by MissAudacious, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Unfortunately we all go down.... maybe there are a few lucky exceptions, I haven't met them yet.

    Why not share our experiences, pics, and maybe even chuckle a bit crackup:

    My recent experience:
    Yesterday I rode up to cougar and ended up hugging some hairpin corners on Yale Bridge Rd., past the one lane bridge, before Lewis River Rd.
    actually ended up eating gravel in the bushes.


    Basically its a 15mph corner, I was foolishly going 30 into it and then I spotted gravel after i was leaning into the corner. Ended up just sliding into the ditch. Luckily I bought leather pants two days ago :mfclap: broke em in lol


    Walked away from that with just some sore muscles. :mfclap: Got up and rode the rest of the day. It was actually quite epic... besides the minimal damage my bike sustained.


    the boys loved cleaning my bike up.. couldn't peal them away. Had to make her look semi decent.

    Dont go too fast, there's quite a bit of gravel up there:angry7:
  2. If you're not doing double the suggested limit you're not trying hard enough.

  3. In 08 i was being foolish on the highway and doing about 120 and a car hit me. Knocked myself out and totalled my bike. Ended up walking away with only road rash and a couple of staples. Took the insurance money and bought another bike.

    In 09 was only going 25 this time and once again was hit by a car who was going around a turning car. Didnt suffer any bodily injury this time. Just tumbled as i watched the dude haul ass away.

    Annnnnd in early 11 i hit gravel in a round a bout and the bike tossed me off scraped knees and a hole in the engine cover.

    Almost gave up riding but decided against it thank god
  4. daaaaang you get around.
    crazy how some times our bodies seem so fragile
    and others they can really take a beating and be perfectly fine

    leathers are awesome!!!:mfclap:
  5. Everybody should have some dirt bike riding experience before they ever straddle a street bike :secret:
  6. There's something wrong with your camera. :scratchea
  7. Doing a uturn on some road in Spokane and there was gravel in the middle of the road on a slight incline, put my foot down when I was stopping and my foot slid sideways down the hill just enough to make me start loosing the bike. I was plugged into my gear and so when the bike was falling it pulled me back ontop of the bike.

    Only damage was a broken clutch lever (Still broken... I also have the broken piece as a trophy) and a slight scuff on my aluminum side case on the corner (Can't even tell its been down).

    What did I learn that day? The quick disconnect system isn't so quick with my heated gear. Don't turn around on an incline with gravel... or at least find a level spot (Granted I had no clue where a level spot would be.)
  8. I'm pretty sure I did on some distant topic/thread.
  9. Yea i agree lol dirt wasnt nice though. Racing quads was fun and dirt bikes
  10. I dont wear full leathers but i do wear field armor on my legs. Maybe after i get back next.summer ill get some. And no more getting around for staying upright
  11. 75k miles crash free and counting. :smile:
  12. 450 miles crash free and counting. :)
  13. some computers wont show the images
    try your phone maybe?
  14. I was riding the bike and someone put BBQ sauce on the road WTF?
  15. KillermondoDude

    KillermondoDude Intellectually Sphinctered

    Fuckin BBQ sauce it got me in Feb

    (Uber Kewl Story WIF PIKKERS)
  16. I was traveling on a 45 MPH road and in the middle of a corner, while I was passing a car in the right lane, the bicyclist in the bike lane cut across the road in front of me. In my effort to try and avoid hitting said bicyclist, which I did, I low sided the bike and rolled a couple of times. That was with 1192 miles on the bike. It now has 18,500+.
  17. I need to hear more about missaudi and how she goes down......
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  18. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    1982 when a girl friend called me to say she was going to "kill" herself if I didn't come to help her. Instead of using a thing called 911, I figured I could get there quicker on the bike. A Suzuki GS750 doing 85 on the freeway, I hit grooved concrete and go into tank slap. I try to fight it and realize that it is going to end badly. By the time it all stops, I have slid from the middle lane, through the express lane into the Jersey barricades and when I open my eyes I am about 2 feet from getting my head crushed by a semi trucks wheel. End results are my left knee cap torn out, half of by butt missing, sternum split in two and right foot is broken.

    To make things worse, the whole "kill myself" call from my girl friend was a joke to see how quickly I could get to a party she was throwing with her friend. She then has the balls to show up at the hospital and say, I can't be with someone who nearly was killed on a bike...its to scary to me and leaves!. WTF! Anywho that was a costly lesson learned.
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  19. Did you use instagram to take those pics?
  20. 58

    58 Staff Member

    Took a corner when I had my Monster and caught a patch of gravel that the two guys I was riding with missed. Lowsided and the bike hit the big patch of gravel and flew into the wood posts below the guard rail and ripped off both triple clamps..I was 4 hours from home, so I got to ride two up on the back of another Duc and the next day came and drug the bike into the back of the SC and headed off to the dealer to scrap it..I miss that bike..

    Oh and two target fixations on the track, one at Spokane as I was looking at a car in the background at turn 2 (lefty) and jumped the 5 foot berm and rashed out the right side of the 748 and broke the headlight (duct tape is our friend, I rode the remaining sessions of the day!) and Ridge turn 2 I flew off and didn't crash but got to talk to the guy in the tower of turn 3 as that is where I finally stopped..too much speed, not enough lean.
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