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what a weekend!

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by wavygravy, May 10, 2010.

  1. i wish more of crew astoria ect could have met up for this glorious weekend to ride, there were so many bikes on the rode i think i may have gotten carpul tunnel syndrome from waveing at all the bikers, ok how many of called in sick to go rideing? fess up! i put 650 miles on through all secondary twisties, funny thing is i did the same trip 3 days in a row ,fri by myself down the coast over neakane into nahalem turn at old hiway 53 - very nice tight twisties, then onto 26 east to the jewel exit, down through birkenfeld which has the most cool little pub/store which has a great smokehouse burger,the folks are bikers & lots of bikes stop there on weekends. then onto the clatskanie turn of down the hill 11 miles of tight twisties! then back to astoria up the river! its about a 200 mile loop, the wired thing is i got home & the wife wanted to go the next day show me the twisties she says, so we did the same loop again, then sunday i took dustin on the same route, i just couldnt get enough but im paying for it today a little saddle sore! dustin has had his yamaha 600 for 2 months & he did quit well for a newbie hes 21 & has worked to buy his own bike & works on his own bike, & is a great guy! dustin tell your dad i said he should be quite proud to have a good kid like you!! keep working at the twisties lad so you can keep me in sight skill comes with time! be patient & look through the turn! what:mfclap: a great day!!!
  2. Lol thanks I had fun riding.Thats a nice little ride but I'm only 20 haha and I dont know why but I suck at turning right! Thats what slowed me down I'm all skechy but I can rail lefties haha.I hope we can get some more people to go next time.Man I was sore towards the end of that ride.My back was done I feel like I'm old!lol I'm a bit sore and I only rode 1 day haha

  3. well check into a handle bar /riser for your bike so it dont kick your butt so bad, most sport bikes now days are set up with bars not much higher than the seat ouch! they handle quick, fun as hell but a killer for the long haul! more rideing class next weekend,if ive got the gas. killer day sunday lad, you rock!:mfclap:
  4. Thanks had fun,good route as for bar risers...screw it I will adapt :)
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