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What an odd start to the morning

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by mrwizard10, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. So I am riding at 5:00 outta Dollars Corner when I passed a car which promptly lit me up. Both I and the truck ahead of me pulled over. After pulling off my helmet, glasses, and turned down my Cellphone music, I looked over at the plainclothes cop standing next to me. After polite back and forth about speed etc., he walked back with my credentials and then came back giving me a warning.

    Then as I was driving first on I-5, I had a cage swerve into my lane before veering back because he realized that the law of two items not being able to occupy the same pace would come into effect with not good results.

    Finally, driving on 26 west, a van started to roll over into my lane but veered back into his lane when he heard my anemic but this time, effective horn. As I passed him, he waved an apology at me.

  2. Yeah that wave is rare. How did it feel?

  3. Rare indeed. Usually if I honk at someone for trying to run me off the road they tell me I'm #1 for not getting out of their way.
  4. I've been getting a lot of appology waves lately. Must be something in the air....?
  5. you sure it was a wave and not a "hey, get out of that lane, it's mine"?

    pics of said wave :)
  6. Yeah, everything seemed like a normal start to a day until that last part! How many fingers was he "waving?"
  7. And they wonder why we speed, to get the hell outta the way!

    I need to get an airhorn...
  8. Just another ordinary day in the life of a rider by the sounds of it...
  9. buy a lotto ticket day !!!!!!!!!
  10. I had a strange morning also.

    Minivan wanting to turn out from an intersection on my right. She's facing right into the sun. I'm thinking, "Oh shit, here we go!"

    Get this- She shades her eyes and actually really looks!!! She sees me, stays put, and all is well! This was out in BFE on Hwy 142. She had almost no reason to expect me there.

    Well done, random lady!

    Some faith in humanity has been restored :)
  11. You sure we wasn't waving a glock at you?
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  12. I dont believe your story. That never happens... I think we needs pictured.
  13. It was a full fingered left hand wave from side to side. No pics because I was so stunned by what happened that I almost bit it on the new asphalt on 26. And yes, I should by a lottery ticket and see if lightening will happen twice.

    Or else Karma is going to be a beeach and bit me in the arse to balance the universe out.

    You never know.
  14. Don't get too happy. Putting on her eyeliner while driving was too hard so she just stopped in the middle of the road. Random lady pulled out without looking as soon as she was done and cut someone else off.
  15. Wait, so you got pulled over for speeding on a scooter?
  16. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Better buy a Lottery ticket! Your luck today is Great!
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