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What denim Motorcycle jeans are good?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by saltlick, May 5, 2009.

  1. Im in the market for some good motorcycle denim jeans, some that possibly comes with some protection in the knees and other places. Ive seen what ICON has, and ive seen the dragon jeans, what else is there? Anyone have any good or bad experiences with them?
  2. A few different companies sell them including A*, Icon and dragon. I own a couple pairs myself. Other that being thicker and having some reinforcement built in I have no idea how they would up in a crash. Not something I want to test out myself either.

  3. I've had the following denim jeans:

    ICON Victory
    Red Route Kevlar Standard Jeans
    Shift LoDown Jeans

    In order of protectiveness:

    1.) Red Route Kevlar (thicker denim, legit DuPont kevlar used extensively in knee/hip, thigh)
    Tied 2.) and 3.) ICON Victory / Shift LoDown (both uses a "mixture" of Kevlar and other materials... Icon uses generic "Aramid" and Shift now uses a mixture of 8-9% kevlar, 50-60% Cordura, and the remainder is poly/cotton for the reinforcements).

    NOTE that older Shift jeans used only 5% Kevlar and no Cordura...

    In order of comfort/looks:

    1.) Shift LoDown (does not look like riding jeans, very comfortable, great cut, stylish),
    2.) ICON Victory (extremely comfortable, vents very well through the stretch panels, the stretch panels do look a little dorky though.. no one's going to mistake these for fashion jeans - somewhat baggy fit, high cut on the waist)
    3.) Red Route (tighter fit, stiffer, not boot-cut, does not ventilate very well, and the color/finish of the jeans are NOWHERE near what they look like in the pictures online... looks like Daddy's wranglers)

    If you're willing to spend some dough.. eSquad jeans are hands-down the best... very protective and stylish (more abrasion resistant than leather). Unfortunately, I'm not ready to drop 3-4 bills on pants

    Hornee jeans are pretty cool, too.. very comparable to Draggin' Jeans except way more stylish
    Dainese also has technical jeans.. called Fantan I think..
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  4. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    owned a couple pairs but haven't crash tested any.

    my icon barriers are lined for wind protection which is nice in the mornings.

    i suspect they offer about as much protection as a pair of carharts but for twice the money.
  5. true religion race spec jeans!!!!!FTW
  6. I like the 7 race specs jeans with the full circumference zipper but the true religion specs are sick too!
  7. gixxerjeff

    gixxerjeff emw2k9 beer pong champions

    they wont hold up and last. trust me i have experience in testing them. you are better off saving up and buy textile or leather
  8. kudos on the post... I am a cheap ass and try my damnedest to not be able to give an absolute answer to this... I have only worn the urban warfare jeans... they have made it through a few low side scrapes, and as for knee draggin... If I'm gonna do it... betta believe I'm using pucks for safety... ever hit a bump, rock, or an uplifted chunk of asphalt at 130 in a drag (you'll only do it ONCE)... jeans won't protect you in that... even if they don't scrape, or tear... your knee cap will be pissed later...
  9. I have the Icon and Joe Rocket ones, but I agree with the above post. They won't do anything for impact injuries...just won't shred right away when sliding across asphalt, and that's only if they stay in the right place.

    You could supplement them with the Bohn armor. Anytime I know my trip will involve a highway/slab I put on the textiles or leather. Scooting around town I'm fine with jeans.
  10. Rigg's Wear cordura Ranger pants or capenter pants (see for good prices). Two layers of cordura over the knees/thighs. Couple that with some strap-on knee/shin guards, and you're set.
  11. huh huh huh huh huh.... you said "strap on".... huh huh huh huh
  12. "and as for knee draggin... If I'm gonna do it... betta believe I'm using pucks for safety..."
    What are pucks?
  13. been down in the icon's with the stretch panel. they held up well at 40. just got a lil hole in the left knee below the stretch panel. i still wear them from time to time. my only complaint is they are to long. its nice visually that they go all the way do the heel of my boot when riding, but when walking around they wrap under the heel and ive almost ate s**t walking on tile.
  14. Have you seen this website?

    They sell armor that are installed into "leggings" (I guess that's the best way to describe it). So you have shin/knee/hip (and I think tailbone) armor UNDER your jeans, and they stay in place. And from the outside, someone looking at you can't tell you have armor on. You can buy extra "leggings" in winter weight & mesh... And if one of your pieces of armor gets messed up in a crash, you can buy an individual piece, so you don't have to buy the whole set again.

    There's a bunch of armor on this site... more than just the "leggings" type. The heavy duty armored shirt looks pretty cool. It's looks like a hybrid jacket, with all the armor on the outside, but still has some "style" to it.


    I just ordered a pair, since my leather pants (Alpine* seems to be made for giants) don't keep the "comfy kind" of armor in place. I've bought and return several pairs of pants because of this (various brands). I'm used the hard plastic armor, like in Dainese - those are great - never move out of place (unless they changed armor too - my gear is from 2007). But it seems like all the new stuff has more memory foam type stuff, or rubber in it as armor. I don't like it. I always wear my leggings under all my gear (wicking layer) anyway - So I figure I'd give this a try.

    I'm getting my husband some too - he wears Kevlar Jeans now (Don't remember what brand) - but I don't trust them in a crash or slide incident.
  15. It was a typo, he meant Ducks. They be nice and slippery for knee draggin.
    Only takes a few corners and they quiet down.
  16. I have shift jeans which I wear alpinestars knee guards under for additional protection. Form and fit they work for me, but I haven't crash tested them yet.
  17. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    ive been down on the street in a pair of these

    didnt rip, a few small holes from rocks and such, but walked away from a 40-45mph lowside
  18. I use leather/textile for the spirted or freeway rides but for around town I have or have had:

    USA draggin jeans: Good quality, 100% kavlar in big areas around knees and ass. Style sucks.

    AVS jeans: thick denim, ok kavlar. Are a bit high water on a tall guy I never use them.

    Teknic jeans: shredded like paper on a 20mph down. Would never recommend them.

    Shift lowdown: best style by far with 14oz denim and ok kavlar. My favorite jeans for a quick ride around town.
  19. We've been using the pants for a few years now. I wear the shorts during the summer.
  20. I wear sliders jeans, kevlar lined in all the right places.
    Very well made and an good fit.
    I wear with boots and knee protection always.
    The new ones come with pockets to insert knee pads.
    And for $80 delivered you can't go wrong.
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