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What did you do to your bike today?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Avboden, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. This is a thread to post up all the random things you've done to your bike on a given day that may not be worthy of a thread on it's own. Most car forums have threads like this and they're almost always top of the 1st page and very well received.

    so yeah!

    I got my GSXR-integrated turnsignal mirrors back on my F800S
  2. Pretty sure this thread already exists.
    Also, I considered re-assembling my bike today, but did not.

  3. me too, even searched for it with no luck so screw it, here's another!
  4. Weird. I believe it was on the front page a couple of days ago.
  5. I thought there was another thread too. Oh well, I'll play.

    I cleaned the buttons on my front rotors using a bolt to spin them and degreaser to wash out the dust. I saw the idea somehwhere and it seemed like a good one.
  6. I disabled the clutch switch so i could start my bike without pulling the clutch lever.
  7. just don't start it in gear!!

    also, found the old thread, meh, hasn't been posted in since 06-24-2012
  8. yeah lol. tomorrow i think will be the side stand switch.
  9. Went for a 280 miles ride in 95 to 100 degree heat.

    Got home, decided to lube the chain. While lubing the chain, I noticed this...

  10. Swapped in the 2nd new stator into the 675...too lazy to put the plastics and tank back on.
  11. went negative one on the front sprocket, swapped out the bare metal rear with a black aluminum one. Red sprocket nuts, and a red chain and a new set of shoes.
  12. Getting gas, I noticed the heat from the last week (and 700 miles of riding) had vaporized any and all lube on my chain.
    In a pinch, I bought a tiny bottle of 3-n-1 multipurpose oil at the station and douched it....of course it flung everywhere but whatever.
    Only had to go another 20 miles but didn't wanna risk it.

    Oh....and spent $340.00 getting the annual and 12K inspection done @ the dealer.
  13. Pretty sure everything I do is important enough for it's own thread. With that said, I've done nothing to my bike today.
  14. Last night I pulled the front wheel on my DR650 and put fresh grease on the axle and around the speedo sender because it was squeaking. Double-checked the wheel bearings (they're fine), reassembled. No more squeak!

    Glared at my FZ1 in disgust... need to pull the carbs yet again. Might try to find the motivation to do that today after work.

  15. I rode my baby CBR and ordered intake manifolds/rubber-gasket-thingys and carb rebuild kits for my project CBR F2...

    Other than that, I plan to completely take apart the carb assembly for the CBR F2 and soak the bits in chemtrol when I get home tonite.
  16. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    New Shinko Dual Sport tires/ tubes too for the DR350.
  17. Whoops!
  18. Taped up the lame ass K&N air filter to smooth out a flatspot in the rev range. Rode it on some goat roads and power wheelied out of corners.
  19. Got on it and rode same thing I do to it everyday
  20. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    I looked at it.
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