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What happened here?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by DullJack, Jun 11, 2011.


    Filmed a guy going down, trying to figure out what happened. I didn't see his brakes flash, or hear the bike rev up. His tires were fairly new (about 500 miles) and definitely warmed up.

    20 mph corner, he was doing about 20-25. I had slowed to about 30 not to ass pack him and still was gaining on him.

    Besides the obvious that he was crossed-up and on the double, what does it look like happened?
  2. hmm... maybe he hit an especially slick part of the yellow line, hopped over a few inches and couldn't recover in time.

  3. I'm gonna go with poor rider on that one.

    He kept re-adjusting his line, wasn't smooth, had HORRID body position, probably countersteered too hard adjusting the wrong way, hopped a little then target fixated on the outside.
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  4. Is that a beer can at 0:44? If so, that's why.
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  5. Although I agree with the target fixation part, I'd go more with inexperienced as opposed to shitty. He's only been riding for 6 months, and this was his first run on this road.

    Personally, I think he just lost the plot on that second apex and ran wide. At least he had the presence of mind to jump before he slammed into that big ass rock wall.
  6. yeah i seriously doubt from that video he was doing 20mph in a 20 mph corner. crackup:
  7. hehe...yeah it's a Foster's can that got kicked out into the road from the ditch....the ditch in that corner is littered with beer bottles and cans.
  8. Same thing to me, I meant no offense by it. Live and learn. Perhaps you should be teaching him some proper body position? He's sticking his butt and knee out and keeping his body with the bike. There's no need to stick yourself out at those speeds, keep with the bike and lean with it! That sort of stuff will go a long way. Probably best to go over lines through turns and all that too.
  9. Dragon Rider

    Dragon Rider Post Whore (In Training)

    those darn tar snakes?

  10. Yeah, I mentioned it after I had seen him ride for a little bit (this was the first time I had ridden with him). He's coming to pick what's left of his bike up today, so he's going to get another class. Of course, those rocks bent his frame and forks, about the only thing still usable is the engine and the swingarm, so may be awhile before he rides again.
  11. After double thinking his corner, he target fixated on what he could hit...and then he hit it.
  12. it was down a hilly stretch, not enough weight transfer period. He was looking at the tree and not leaning passed the mirrors with head for right body postion. next time, it wont happen there for him. hope hes okay

    Can we please please leave out COLD tires on this one, god! The front end would've just rolled under!
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  13. That sucks royal. There's nothing worse than losing your bike to a mistake.

    Well maybe losing your life, but nothing survivable that's worse.
  14. It sure looked to me like the rear tire slid out a bit. Tar snake, yellow paint, brake?

    The way he was crossing the centerline (not just with the body either, but with the entire bike) shows that he's behind the bike, not in front of it.

  15. Fear... plain and simple. Afraid to hang off the bike; afraid to lean the bike; in the end, he feared what he was going to hit.
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  16. You make/let new riders lead the way on unknown roads????

    That's terrible.
  17. where be this "hill country"? WA?
  18. He started out ok, but I guess decided that he was too much in the yellow line and tried to straighten up to get back in the center.

    While doing so, didn't get back down on the lean in time and that was all she wrote.

    Sometimes people don't realize how fast they have to maneuver.
  19. That looks like pure fixation. Nothing more. I watched it in HD, full screen a few times, and didn't see any tire movement. He was already heading toward the ditch, after he entered the corner too early.
  20. Looks to me he was going wide and put his foot down. If you look right before he goes down his leg comes off and tries to put his foot down.
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