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What makes a Supermoto so much fun?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by blakegaston, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. I constantly see people raving about motards. What makes them so great? I am considering strongly considering purchasing one :)

    Why do YOU like Sumos? Thanks.
  2. I just traded my Buell Xb9r for a Drz 400 sm. Now I've got less than half the power, my head doesn't jerk back with quick throttle pulls, and I no longer have the ability to travel at double the posted speed limits. (Notice how I no longer have the ability to). Now instead of going as fast as my testosterone will take me, I have a different kind of fun.

    For example: Last Sunday I rode to a deserted industrial area to test out the climbing power of my new bike. Dirt, grass, stairs you name it! You haven't smiled until you've smiled whilst riding a motorbike up stairs. On the way to work today I decided to cut through the parking lot over curbs, hills, and grass. The way home was a little wet but at least my underwear was still dry when I got home. Before performing any shenanigans I always check both ways for pedestrians and vehicles; especially those with blue and red lights.

    Basically now that I ride a supermoto the entire town is a big playground. When riding or driving I'm always making mental notes of new obstacles as I pass by them. Plus dropping a dirt bike is no big deal, plastics are easy to repaint or replace.

  3. Unholy amounts of stupid fun
  4. I agree. It makes everything like your personal playground :)

    There's nothing better for in town either. Tons of maneuverability and the ability to have tons of fun, even if you're just heading to the store or work, etc.
  5. For me it isnt just supermotos, it is dirt/enduro styled bikes in general. They are made for fun! They dont feel serious like supersports do.

    Things i love about my enduro/sometimes motard: light weight, simple design, comfortable seating position, does wheelies all over, dont have to lean with it in corners, can go ride trails, track days are super cheap, very little to break when it falls, can take it off jumps, etc.

    Honestly, if you live near decent offroad trails, i would get an enduro, unless you are interested in like 95% street. I get almost all the same kicks with the 21/18 wheels on as i do with the 17's on the street and plus then i get to go offroad properly. 17's are great for the track, but i don't feel like they are at all necessary for a sane (but quick) pace on the street.

    But mostly its the mentality, its the: im having fun and i dont feel like im risking my life as much as when im railing a sportbike. less adreneline (unless you want it) and more giggles!

    Edit: forgot to mention, gravel roads are like riding a great powder day for motards, turn a sportbike nightmare into your favorite terrain!
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  6. Are you talking about tire size? Can you tell me more about the difference between them?

    I do need a lot of street-ability, as I'll need the bike to commute.

    I also can't get enduro/mx-only because I have no truck or trailer to transport.
  7. I don't know, what makes a roller coaster so much fun?

  8. 21/18 is wheel size... that is the standard dirt wheel size and 17 is standard sumo wheel size.

    Now, what makes Supermotos so fun? anything and everything is fair game for these bikes and I do mean everything. If you're thinking of one do it. The best tire to run IMO is the Avon Distanzia as it works really well for everything you throw at them:mfclap:

  9. Street Supermoto = 17" rims/street legal tires + license plate

    Race Super moto = 17" rims/cut slicks + track only (no plate, lights, blinkers etc)

    Enduro = 21/18 rims street legal knobbies + license plate

    MX = 21/18 rims offroad knobbies + track/trails only (sometimes a headlight no blinkers plate etc)

    Why are supermotos fun?

    On almost every sport bike:
    You start having fun at 100mph +
    They suck in bumper to bumper traffic.
    Limited visibility due to riding position.

    On a motard:
    You start having fun at 5mph
    you learn to go faster when cornering and the advantages of a lighter bike
    the entire city/countryside/industrial area becomes your track

    10 years ago, you were also invisible to cops as they only really had hardons for sport bikes. Unfortunately they're catching on...

  10. I like my sumo because I only weigh 140lbs and it weighs 140lbs more than I do. My sport bike weighs 360lbs more than I do. They're really easy bikes to handle, even at low speeds where heavier bikes become awkward to maneuver.

    I also like that nearly any terrain or obstacle that would deter me on my rc51, becomes a fun time on my husky.

    Most people, riders and non riders, don't know what the bike is, which makes for a nice conversation piece and a lot of stares from people.

    Overall it's just a really fun bike to be a hooligan on.
  11. I've noticed I get that "wow that was fun, can't wait to do it again" feeling a lot more after riding my wr250x than on my cbr600rr.

    I like the wheelies I can do. I like the mpg I can get. I like the ability to go almost anywhere. I like having something no one can identify. I like not worrying so damn much about dropping it.
  12. QFT
  13. What makes super moto's annoying? Commuting on highways (or just street riding in general): lots of vibration due to single cylinder, no wind protection, little power to accelerate at highway speeds.

    Had a sm/enduro before my vfr. I found that i rarely did sm fun and mainly commuted. Very happy with switching from sm.
  14. Practice for the end of the world. Wanna take your bike ANY where? Sumo's let you practice that for when it's really needed, getting away from zombies.

    I just talked myself into wanting a SM
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  15. You miss a few sumo video threads lately? Answer all yo questions.
  16. lol.

    kick one over. instead of crying, you'll giggle, and want to do it again.
  17. All of the above.
    Go ride one, and you'll come back with half a dozen reasons of your own.
    If you're going to commute on it, I would suggest bigger displacement and a 6th gear.
  18. I love how easy and fun my 650 is to ride around town and is even bearable on the freeway commute from Renton to Seattle. It's built to be dropped and not break expensive parts, rides high for great visibility, and makes urban surroundings fun to ride on (i.e., curbs, sidewalks, stairs, loading ramps, urban trails, abandoned & industrial properties, etc....). :)
  19. lol.. yeah.. but it was an XR-L.. I'd have traded too.. :scared

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