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What Makes You Official?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by BrandonBZ, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. So I have been riding for about 4 months now.

    There are all these milestones for bikers, lots tests of endurance and frustration.

    When have you made it?

    In my 4 months I have run out of gas leaving me to push my bike for several blocks.

    I have taken a bugs/rocks to the helmet and face.

    Laid my enduro down in gravel. Gloves are awesome

    What is left?
  2. Bee in the helmet.

    Flat tire.

    Caught out when it starts snowing.

    Accidental wheelies.

    Having a nice looking girl watch you stall the engine and damn near fall over.

  3. haha accidental wheelie did my first one coming back from Willamette valley vineyards
  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Your getting there! Rides! Lots and Lots of miles! Keep checking your tire pressures and keep your chain adjusted and lubed!
  5. Low siding on the street while making a left turn in the just started rain cause you forgot to changes wheels and left your slicks on :mrgreen:

    Wheelie ticket

    Blow up a motor

    realize bike tires cost more than your car tires

    Hit a bird at 80 mph

    Stop at a light and forget to put your feet down in front of thousands of people (OP pro surf contest) :tard:

    Hell.. I've been riding for 44 years and learn something new every time I go out :mfclap:
  6. Stoked you are riding - everyone so inclined and able should give two wheels a spin.

    Interesting philosophically that you list several failures as achievement. Why not focus on the skills you have gained, the joy you have experienced, the adventures you’ve had and honor you’ve displayed as a rider?

    I understand the idea of being salty and sea stories are always great. - if you’re seeking approval find a mentor or a track class.

    Set your own goals about achievement, I hope they are positive, crashing is a fools glory.

    I felt offical getting my road license at 13 for a 100cc after 8 years on the dirt, but that was just the start of learning... I just cruise and I learn all the time - this is a thinking man's game.

    they say it takes four year to learn to ride a motorcycle - I thought this was hogwash when I was younger, but I later realized that it is the same as when you get a tandem skydive rating - there is a time requirement - because not matter how shit hot a jumper is - typically it takes the years of being on the dropzone to see shit happen.

    you don’t need to crash to be a man or progress - but you probably will (lots!)

    whether that is a good thing depends on your goals, beliefs desires and abilities.

    Have fun!
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  7. Some might call them failures but they were just challenges that had to be overcome or picked up.

    The accomplishment is keeping them to a minimum
  8. The light bulb didn't click on for me till I went on my first multi-day trip with no set itinerary and I made it up as I went along.
  9. taking stuff for granted=
    missing things=
    mechanical failures=crashes=
    mill/tranny fails

    riding is existential/experiential
    its ALWAYS unique/different
    ultimately unpredictable

    but minds assume it gets
    more predictable with experience
    all else 'seems' to

    yet most 'surprises' include,
    in retrospect,
    hints of doubt, uncertainty,
    hunches about what was attended to
    what we could have done with
    more time/$

    "If only" I/he/she/they/mother Nature
    had checked/known/done/
    to the bike/track/road/tyres/

    something similiar to learning puters
    about hard/soft ware not being logical
    doing what it would etc.

    sort of like watching election campaigning
    "they" shouldn't do this that or the other
    BUT they do

    bikes shouldn't slap their tanks
    seize/explode/grind up their guts, yet
    they do.

    Bike riding
    most refreshing
    reminding us about

    how much is enough/too much

    If you survive cager/gravel/wet
    If you prep your steed enuf
    to ride without injury, inconvenience

    you've lots to be proud of
    its an accomplishment

    It's the ultimate embrace of zen
    things are as there are
    the rest is hating, wishing, etc.

    What a glorious experience
    on our own Wings
    Icarus would be envious

    Thankful for all these years
    of the experience.
    70 last month.

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  10. Getting on your own motorcycle.
  11. as soon as you stop worrying about what makes you a rider, and start riding, you're official.
  12. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Your gett'in closer! Catch'in crap from 'koorbloh' is part of 'the right of passage' on this forum!:mrgreen:
  13. When you read a very long list of what can go wrong/right and you realize you've done everything on that list and more.
    But you're completely aware of the fact you've never done it ALL and still have tons left to learn, never to proud to admit your mistakes and most of all still willing to learn from others.

    That's the moment you know you have too much left to learn/see/feel/experience to brag about how little you know.:roll:

    Just my 2 C.
  14. Stall the motor and fall over at a traffice light
  15. Hock a loogie inside your helmet
    Blow a snot inside your helmet
    Puke inside your helmet.

    ^^^^^ these ^^^^^

  16. pjd

    pjd Moderator Staff Member

    Yep. A "your Mom" joke from me or TRAIL BOSS away from true arrival.
  17. Wearing a grin under your helmet for your entire ride, breaking out giggling a few times and not knowing or caring why.

    Every ride to and from work it feels like it did when I was riding a YZ80 in grade school. If you haven't tried a supermoto, I highly recommend it.
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  18. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    If you ever 'arrive', sell your bike. You're done.
  19. Wheelie for a School Bus full of kids.
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